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LAPD officers killed one resident of this Watts housing project. 12 hours later, they saved another's life

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Democrats united in (over)promising to reverse Citizens United

In his speech Monday night at the Democratic National Convention, Sen. Bernie Sanders emphasized the positions he and Hillary Clinton have in common, including raising the minimum wage, securing abortion rights and protecting the environment. But Sanders placed special emphasis on reversing the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision.

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Democrats want ‘free’ college. It would be nice if they delivered Americans a decent high school education first.

Republicans aren’t the only ones facing disunity in their party as the general election gets fully underway.

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Liberal Democrats should stop whining about Clinton's VP pick
Tim Kaine for vice president, y’all? Snooze.

Watching Donald Trump speak last night I was struck by two thoughts. First: This is a totally hateful, deranged speech with no allegiance to facts and few executable policy prescriptions. Second: This man is going to win the election.

Why? Because this contest has never been just about policy. If it was about policy, Trump wouldn’t have been top 10 in the Republican field.

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Remember the good old days when 'Trump for president' was a darkly ironic joke between friends?

Donald Trump’s acceptance of the 2016 Republican presidential nomination last night still has much of the country wondering if we’re in a bad dream. But as long ago as 2011, a Los Angeles Times editorial writer was pondering the possibility of a Trump presidential bid.

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Could legal marijuana make L.A.'s homeless crisis even worse?

Faced with an intractable and growing homeless crisis, two weeks ago, the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors made a bold and largely unprecedented move: It approved a November ballot measure that would impose a 10% tax on gross receipts of medical marijuana as well as recreational marijuana businesses, if statewide legalization passes at the polls, to help fund the estimated $450 million a year the

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