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Will Hillary Clinton get a convention bounce? If not, she's in deep trouble.

Last week, halfway through the Republican convention in Cleveland, I wrote that the GOP gathering was so shambolic that it might not give Donald Trump the “bounce” he needed.

I was right about the convention, but wrong about the bounce.

Trump undeniably got one.

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Tim Kaine’s candidacy revives a Catholic civil war on abortion

In his speech Wednesday at the Democratic National Convention, vice presidential nominee Sen. Tim Kaine spoke powerfully about his Catholic faith.

 “I went to a Jesuit boys high school – Rockhurst High School,” Kaine recalled. “Now we had a motto in our school: 'Men for Others.' And it was there that my faith became vital, my North Star for orienting my life.

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Obama signals his intent to fight Trump to the end

“There’s not a liberal America and a conservative America,” Barack Obama said in his first Democratic convention speech, exactly 12 years ago tonight, in Boston. “There’s the United States of America.” 

Obama didn’t repeat those lines in his long and plaintive sermon to Americans at this year’s convention.

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Tim Kaine is no attack dog. But he did well enough to tear a strip off of Trump.

When Hillary Clinton named Tim Kaine as her running mate, the questions came immediately: Was he too mild,  too bland, too moderate — in short, too nice to wage a ferocious campaign against the likes of Donald Trump?

The answer, based on Kaine’s acceptance speech Wednesday night, turns out to be: almost.

Kaine sounded like a folksy, jokey Midwestern uncle.

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Democrats united in (over)promising to reverse Citizens United

In his speech Monday night at the Democratic National Convention, Sen. Bernie Sanders emphasized the positions he and Hillary Clinton have in common, including raising the minimum wage, securing abortion rights and protecting the environment. But Sanders placed special emphasis on reversing the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision.

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Democrats want ‘free’ college. It would be nice if they delivered Americans a decent high school education first.

Republicans aren’t the only ones facing disunity in their party as the general election gets fully underway.

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