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Keystone Pipeline and other Trump energy policies could help swamp Mar-a-Lago

President Trump’s State Department early Friday signed off on a permit to allow the Keystone XL Pipeline project to cross the border from Canada, a permit the Obama administration had rejected as contrary to the national interest. But Trump is less concerned with the nation’s best interests than he is in the interests of the oil industry, so he reversed the Obama administration’s decision.

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Remember when you couldn't get insurance with a preexisting condition? Those days are probably coming back

Raise your hand if you want to go back to the days when you couldn’t get health insurance because you’d been sick or injured.

That’s one of the galling possibilities raised by the evolving version of the American Health Care Act, the House GOP leadership’s plan to repeal and replace Obamacare.

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House Republicans are hoping the Senate can save them from their own ruinous healthcare bill

The House GOP leadership has aligned itself so closely with President Trump on healthcare, it’s borrowing his signature sales tactic as it tries to ram through a bill this week to “repeal and replace” Obamacare: the bold but empty promise.

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Bray-Ali vs. Cedillo runoff is a victory for a new vision of a sustainable L.A.

When the Times editorial board endorsed Joe Bray-Ali for Los Angeles City Council District 1, we described the election as a choice between competing visions of L.A.’s future.

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We need more prosecutors questioning their pursuit of the death penalty

A recently elected prosecutor in Florida announced Thursday that she would unilaterally take the death penalty off the table for murder cases handled by her office, a decision that drew a stern rebuke from some quarters, and led Florida Gov. Rick Scott to remove her from a pending case against an accused cop killer.

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Metro is spending billions of your tax dollars to build L.A. a world class transit system. Don't let them blow it

This past November, Los Angeles County voters overwhelmingly passed Measure M — gifting Metro, the county’s transit authority, $120 billion over the next 40 years to build a 21st century public transit system. This massive investment carries with it the potential to fundamentally transform mobility in the region. But while the promise is great, so are the perils.

If history is any guide, L.A.

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