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Republican-leaning papers endorse Clinton; what will the Wall Street Journal do?

Another day, another endorsement for Hillary Clinton from a conservative newspaper editorial board.

Wait, what?

A few days after the Arizona Republic endorsed its first Democratic presidential candidate in its 126-year history, the San Diego Union-Tribune followed suit for the first time in its 148 years.

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Does Donald Trump have the guts to debate Hillary Clinton again?
GOP blames Obama for flaws in a law he vetoed

The classic example of chutzpah is the boy who kills his parents and then pleads for mercy at his trial because he’s an orphan. But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has come close with his suggestion that President Obama is to blame for problems with an ill-considered bill that the president vehemently opposed only to see his veto overridden by Congress.

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It's not the government's role to say if 'Slants' is offensive

You may not have heard of the Slants, an Asian American rock band from Portland, Ore., whose name was chosen as an ironic comment on an ethnic slur.

But the Supreme Court’s announcement Thursday that it will consider a case involving the group’s quest for federal trademark protection is big news.

First, it could affect a far better known (or more notorious) name in entertainment: the Washington Redskins.

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Despite the controversy, Silver Lake’s ‘road diet’ worked

In 2013, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation rather famously installed a safety improvement project on Rowena Avenue in Silver Lake, with the goal of saving lives by reducing deadly collisions.

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Clinton winning the post-debate as Trump sweats in his own spotlight

It turns out Hillary Clinton not only won Monday’s debate, she’s winning the post-debate too. And she’s doing it without really doing much — letting Donald J. Trump have the spotlight is working for her, and here’s why.

Just about every event Trump is involved in seems eventually to be about him, and so it was with the debate Monday.

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