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The hidden consensus on health insurance subsidies

There are plenty of things wrong with the Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson proposal to overhaul Obamacare (and Medicaid, while it’s at it), from its cockamamie approach to helping people not insured by their employers to its blithe indifference to the rising cost of medical care.

But give sponsoring Sens.

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Puppy mills are hubs of animal cruelty. We don't need their business in California

Puppy mills are essentially the factory farms of dog breeding. But shutting them down is almost impossible. California Assembly Bill 485 does the next best thing. It cuts off the supply of animals from those puppy mills into one of their biggest markets in the country—California pet stores.

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Mexico's earthquake is a sobering and graphic reminder of what's in store for L.A. someday

There’s a video on Twitter that I can’t stop replaying. An apartment building shivers violently during the magnitude 7.1 earthquake near Mexico City on Tuesday. Without warning, the building collapses into a cloud of dust.

It’s shocking in same way that the pancaking of the two World Trade Center towers was difficult to process even as I watched it over and over on that terrible day 16 years ago.

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Another freaking election in L.A.? Too much Democracy is almost as bad as too little

There’s another election in L.A. in two weeks. Hard to believe, I know.

Certain parts of the city, primarily downtown-adjacent neighborhoods, have already had four elections so far this year: two regularly scheduled local elections and two special elections. Oh, and it gets worse. If none of the 13 people running in the Oct.

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Getting between motorists and their cars has become the new third rail of California politics

For all the talk in California about leading the world on climate change and resisting President Trump’s anti-environment agenda, the state has a third rail of environmental policy. Touch their cars and Californians will revolt.

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A university for smart people behaves stupidly

Harvard’s decision to invite — and then disinvite — Chelsea Manning to be a visiting fellow at its Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics isn’t the worst PR disaster in the eminent university’s history. It’s not as embarrassing as the revelation that the Unabomber turned out to be a Harvard graduate.

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