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Gentrification on skid row? We should be so lucky

In a time of skyrocketing rents and stagnant income growth, the specter of gentrification hangs over working-class neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles. Residents of Boyle Heights warily view the construction cranes dotting the downtown skyline, seeing them as harbingers of change for their predominantly minority neighborhood.

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Is Trump smart to ignore conventional political wisdom?

You have to hand it to Donald Trump — he’s committed to breaking the mold for a presidential campaign. Which invites the question of why there’s a mold to begin with.

Trump revealed this week that he’s expanding his leadership team, which is not an unusual step for someone whose campaign has hit a rough patch. What was unusual was where Trump went looking for help.

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Direct democracy goes wild in San Francisco

“At least I’m not in San Francisco.” That’s what voters in the city of Los Angeles can tell themselves when they start to feel lightheaded contemplating the achingly long Nov. 8 ballot. 

There will be 17 state ballot measures and  at least seven local measures on the ballot on the ballot that goes out to folks in Los Angeles (possibly more depending on where they live).

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Trump was wrong about free speech and falsehoods, but in an interesting way

I had a professor who liked to say to students that “you’re wrong, but in an interesting way.”

I’d bestow the same left-handed compliment on Donald Trump for his recent Twitter tirade against the “dishonest and corrupt media.”

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Academic 'boot camp' for 4-year-olds? The American Dream is truly dead.

This is why they hate us on the East Coast: According to an article in The Times that seems written for the sole purpose of angering bootstrap-pullers like me, parents can set aside two or three minutes’ worth of the salary required to live on the Westside and send their kids to a weeklong “boot camp” in Santa Monica so they can be spared the humiliation of starting kindergarten not knowing how to

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Clinton shouldn’t have punished the Orlando shooter’s father; it was his son who sinned

It was hard not to sympathize with Hillary Clinton when Seddique Mateen ended up standing behind her at a campaign rally in Florida on Monday. Mateen, as reporters quickly realized, is the father of Omar Mateen, who shot and killed 49 people at an Orlando nightclub in June.

It was an advance person’s worst nightmare, and it predictably was exploited by Donald Trump.

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