Gov. Brown approves automatic voter registration for Californians

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Sorry, rebranding gun control as 'gun safety' won't work

 So it isn’t just me. A few days I ago I tweeted: “Has a memo gone out to pro-gun-control folks to call it ‘gun safety’ instead? If so, it won't change any minds.” On Thursday, Charles Krauthammer asked readers of his Washington Post column to “notice, by the way, how ‘gun control’ has been cleverly rechristened ‘common-sense gun-safety laws,’ as if we’re talking about accident proofing.”

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Pro-business Republicans link arms with House Dems to exhume Export-Import Bank

A day after a fringe group of Republican conservatives toppled House Speaker-in-Waiting Kevin McCarthy, a cadre of Main Street Republicans defied the leadership in a bid to resuscitate the Export-Import Bank.

Although no one actually said, "Right back atcha," it had to be on the minds of some of the Republicans who joined the pro-Ex-Im effort.

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Opinion: Guns and the gruesome price of freedom
L.A.'s high-tech bus shelters are nice, but how about some shade?

Anyone who’s ever hung out at a Los Angeles bus station knows the wait can seem interminable. In a bid to make the experience less painful, the city of L.A. has a plan to outfit 15 bus stops with smart benches and shelters as part of its Great Streets Initiative. The first upgraded shelter debuted last week at Central Avenue and 43rd Street in Historic South-Central to great fanfare.

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A local take on the transformation of Frogtown
What L.A. can learn from the 1992 Barcelona Olympics

The surprise has worn off Los Angeles’ last-minute sprint from distant runner-up to official U.S. host city nominee for the 2024 Summer Olympics. Now, shock has given way to both elation and unease as Angelenos consider the actual realities of the prize they are competing for. Fears of saddling the city with crippling financial debt may be well-founded.

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