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Opinion L.A.

Opinion L.A. Observations and provocations from The Times' Opinion Staff
Chris Christie exits presidential race, leaving a question mark on Marco Rubio

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's presidential bid apparently died in New Hampshire, which shows you there's not much upside to performing well in the debates -- just a huge potential downside.

Sources told reporters Wednesday that the governor was suspending his campaign after his disappointing sixth-place finish in the Granite State, which wasn't good enough to qualify him for the next GOP debate.

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Whatever happened to Project 50?

When a large enterprise like Los Angeles County government attempts something extraordinarily ambitious such as effectively eliminating homelessness, yet repeatedly falls short, it's sometimes hard to tell whether the rubble left by each failure forms a series of impenetrable barriers against the next attempt – or whether it instead forms a staircase layered with experience gained and lessons learned,

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Hillary Clinton tweaks her 'safe, legal and rare' abortion mantra

Is Hillary Clinton recalibrating her position on abortion as she seeks the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination?

It sure looks that way. In her last presidential run in 2008, Clinton said that she thought abortion should be “safe, legal and rare, and by rare, I mean rare.”

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Coastal Commission ought to be open about why it wants a new director

The California Coastal Commission is in the midst of a political controversy of its own making, and how the 12 voting members of the board act come Wednesday will send a clear signal about whether they are capable of living up to their mandate to protect the coast.

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GOP leaders reject Obama's final budget before it's even printed

More than most of my colleagues on The Times' editorial board, I sympathize with the Republicans in Congress who complain about President Obama's expansive use of executive power.

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Hillary Clinton's corporate speeches are a MacGuffin for her critics

 “This just in: In a lavishly compensated speech to hedge-fund managers, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promised, if ever elected president, that she would unfailingly do the bidding of Wall Street. ‘I am at your disposal 24 hours a day, seven days a week,’ Clinton told the assembled financial manipulators. ‘When I am bought, I stay bought.’

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