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Blowback: Why Palestinians think what they do about Israel

The Israeli-Palestinian debate has seen its share of politicians making spurious, racist claims to further an agenda. But when academics do the same and use the cover of shoddy social science, it is particularly pernicious.

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Trump's appeal exposes a national undercurrent of intolerance

The tycoon who would be president, Donald Trump, recently endorsed supporters who roughed up a protester at one of his campaign events. “Maybe he should have been roughed up,” Trump told Fox News over the weekend, “because it was absolutely disgusting what he was doing.”

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Here's how we get a real deal on street vending

When my father, Al Langer, founded Langer’s Delicatessen and Restaurant in 1947, on a corner overlooking MacArthur Park, it was a tiny establishment with just 12 seats. In the decades since, we’ve grown into a 135-seat Los Angeles culinary landmark. We’ve received accolades from quarters as diverse as the James Beard Foundation and Hollywood director Nora Ephron.

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The younger you are, the less you support free speech

Some interesting news from the Pew Research Center about the attitude of American millennials (ages 18-34) toward free speech.

As part of a global survey of attitudes toward freedom of expression, Pew asked respondents if government should be able to prevent people from making offensive statements about minorities.

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Federal registry for personal drones takes a big step closer to reality

Who says the government can't do things quickly?

A month ago, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said he wanted to develop a plan to register recreational drone aircraft by the end of the year. To that end, he convened a task force of stakeholders to come up with recommendations on how to do it, which were released Monday.

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Creating a green Los Angeles needs to start with our buildings, not our cars

Many of us living here in Los Angeles try our best to be as environmentally responsible as possible. It’s a difficult task, because, until recently, we’ve essentially been operating blind when it comes to information on one of the biggest energy users in our lives: buildings.

Buildings emit nearly 40% of the greenhouse gases in Los Angeles County due to electricity and natural gas use.

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