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The Trump administration just found another way to deny women their right to an abortion

Doctors who don’t want to assist with abortions, sterilizations or suicides can now turn to a new office within the federal Department of Health and Human Services for help — a “Conscience and Religious Freedom Division,” part of the HHS office tasked with stopping discrimination and privacy violations by federally funded agencies, hospitals and universities.

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Trump cancels London trip because he doesn't like a building? Oh, please

Our president’s petulance is showing again.

President Trump announced via Twitter late Thursday that he has canceled a trip to Britain in which he was supposed to cut the ribbon for the new U.S. embassy in London.

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Trump prefers immigrants from Norway over 'shithole' countries? He must not know anything about Norway's history

Gratulerer, my fellow Norwegian Americans, for a United States president at long last has invited our cousins toughing it out in the Old Country to migrate to the land of freedom and chronic traumatic encephalopathy — not like those undesirables inhabiting “shithole” countries.

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Threatening to take away their care at gunpoint isn't the way to get Medicaid recipients working

According to the Trump administration, having a job makes you healthier.

Most people — especially those who aren’t coal miners, air traffic controllers or professional football players — would agree with that. So it’s not unreasonable for the federal government to encourage states to try to get more of their able-bodied Medicaid recipients into jobs.

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Bad in bed? Millennials can work with that — just as long as you're not a Trump supporter

In the Trump era, the desire for great sex appears to have taken a back seat to fears about lousy pillow talk.

According to internal data the dating service OkCupid provided, its millennial users overwhelmingly care more about their partners’ politics than how good they are in bed.

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With Steve Bannon's influence gutted, will moderates be able to drag Trump into the political mainstream?

Stephen K. Bannon evidently likes to think of himself as the man who put Donald Trump in the White House. But his comments about Trump to journalist Michael Wolff have now put Bannon on the unemployment line.

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