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Hurricane Katrina and the tyranny of magical thinking

Floodwater was everywhere — muddy-brown and streaked in pockets by an oily film. It covered the streets. It covered the lawns. It covered plazas and parking lots. And it lapped softly up against my porch, threatening to crest the lip and continue on through my front door.

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Will L.A.'s Olympic ambitions hurt or help the river restoration?

City analysts raised concerns this week that Los Angeles' bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics underestimated the cost of building an Olympic village along the Los Angeles River to lodge 17,000 athletes.

The bid put a $1-billion price tag on the village, a complex of apartments, dining areas, offices, medical facilities, parking lots and open space.

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Do we need a 'Khloe's Law' to stop #stupidrude Kardashian antics?

Residents in beach communities from the Pacific Palisades to Mar Vista awoke early Wednesday morning to thunderous explosions. Was it a terrorist attack on LAX? Did a power plant explode? Armageddon?

Nope. It was the Kardashians.

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An Olympic effort to cover the 101 Freeway with a park?

The LA24 bid book released Tuesday raised many questions about Los Angeles’ proposal to host the 2024 Summer Olympic Games. Where will the money come from to get the city ready for the Games? Is the projected revenue realistic?Will taxpayers get stuck holding a big bill at the end?

Also this: What happened to the 101 Freeway?

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Studies: States with easier access to firearms have higher suicide rates

More than half of the nation’s 41,000 suicides each year are committed by people using guns, so it shouldn’t be all that surprising that two new, related studies find that states with stricter gun control laws tend to have both lower rates of suicides using guns, and lower overall rates of suicides.

In other words, states where access to firearms is easier have higher rates of suicide.

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The 2nd Amendment is protected by 'Constitution worship'

After Wednesday's fatal shootings of two Virginia television journalists, Twitter lit up with familiar suggestions that it was time to do something about gun violence. Some of the tweeters broached the possibility of the ultimate exercise in gun control.

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