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Lighten up on The Washington Post. It's only a newspaper slogan

"Democracy Dies in Darkness.” Film at 11.

Actually, the quote above isn’t a local TV news headline; it’s the new motto of The Washington Post.

 It was spotted Tuesday night under the paper’s masthead online (but not in the print edition) and quickly inspired speculation that it was a response to press-bashing by President Trump (the Post denied it), along with heaping helpings of ridicule.

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Conservatives are using the old 'gay friend' trick to try to pacify LGBT advocates. Don't fall for it

Neil Gorsuch can’t be an opponent of LGBT rights — he has gay friends.

That’s what his colleagues argue in a New York Times profile of the Colorado appellate judge tapped by President Trump to fill Antonin Scalia’s spot on the Supreme Court bench. During the 2016 presidential race, Trump vowed to replace the late justice with a candidate “very much in [his] mold.”

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Trump holds a ranting and raving press conference to assure Americans he doesn't rant and rave

When a politician holds a news conference, he or she normally has a specific message to deliver. But Donald Trump is no conventional politician — and his operatic, free-form, hour-and-a-quarter-long news conference on Thursday showed it.

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Why I'm breaking up with the Blue Line after 19 years. (It's not me, it's definitely you)

Dear Blue Line:

It may be time for us to break up.

Yes, I know this could be hard. We’ve been seeing each other for some 19 years, almost every day. You’ve reliably delivered me from Long Beach to downtown Los Angeles each morning and taken me home each evening. I’ve come to count on you. 

But lately, well, you’ve changed. Almost every day now you make me and my fellow riders wait.

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Stephen Miller was no hero fighting left-wing oppression at Santa Monica High School

Stephen Miller would eagerly tell you he’s from a liberal paradise, and I’d have to agree with him. Growing up in Los Angeles, I have always noticed my views on gun control and women’s rights rarely provoked a challenge. Locally, I have been represented by women and minorities in Congress and on my City Council.

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Trump tries to save Obamacare exchanges while undermining them

With the drive to “repeal and replace” Obamacare losing steam, the Trump administration quietly moved to shore up a key feature of the healthcare law this week: the state exchanges where people shop for non-group coverage. And to its credit, Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services zeroed in on some of the factors that have led a handful of major insurers to leave the exchanges.

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