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Clinton winning the post-debate as Trump sweats in his own spotlight

It turns out Hillary Clinton not only won Monday’s debate, she’s winning the post-debate too. And she’s doing it without really doing much — letting Donald J. Trump have the spotlight is working for her, and here’s why.

Just about every event Trump is involved in seems eventually to be about him, and so it was with the debate Monday.

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If Trump paid no federal income taxes, would that inspire more resentment than admiration?

My former boss Michael Kinsley defines a gaffe by a politician as a moment when he or she blurts out the truth. By that standard, Donald Trump had what seemed to be an epic one during Monday night’s debate when commenting about his tax returns.

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Audit? No, Trump hides tax returns as a political calculation

About those tax returns.

We heard yet again during Monday’s presidential debate that Donald Trump can’t release his tax returns because he is under audit by the Internal Revenue Service. Actually, in Trump’s words, “I've been under audit almost for 15 years. … in a way, I should be complaining. I'm not even complaining. I don't mind it. It's almost become a way of life.”

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President Obama cares about L.A.'s housing crisis too

The slow-growth, anti-development sentiment sweeping Los Angeles isn’t just a problem for struggling renters and wannabe homeowners. It’s a threat to the national economy. 

So says the Obama administration, which released a paper Monday calling on cities to loosen restrictions on new development.

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Turning the mirror back on Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton on Friday ran a campaign ad that played Donald Trump’s words over video of little girls looking in the mirror. “I’d look her right in the fat ugly face of hers,” his familiar voice booms. “A person who is flat-chested is very hard to be a 10.” “She’s a slob; she ate like a pig.” “Does she have a good body? No. Does she have a fat [redacted]? Absolutely.”

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The free and open Internet dodges a bullet in the Senate

Running backs love an open field, cab drivers a well-timed series of green lights.

Demagogues love straw men. Like, say, the Obama administration’s diabolical plan to hand control of the Internet to Vladimir Putin.

There is no such plan — and neither the United States nor any other country controls the Internet, at least not outside their borders. Yet you wouldn’t know that if you listened to Sen.

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