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Hillary Clinton's best shot at winning over millennial women? Proving to us she sees the bigger picture.
Malheur occupation ends, peaceful but not bloodless

The occupation of an Oregon wildlife refuge by anti-federal-government zealots ended Thursday just as many people (and most especially Obama administration officials) hoped it would, with the peaceful surrender of the last four holdouts.

And yet it's not a complete vindication of the calm and patient approach taken by the FBI and allied law enforcement agencies.

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Mayor Eric Garcetti on the death of Olympic Piggyback Yard plan, and how it actually helps L.A.'s transit future

One of the biggest pieces of any Olympic bid is the plan to accommodate thousands of athletes, if not in high style, then at least in relative comfort and proximity to sporting venues. This can also be the priciest piece because, unlike arenas and coliseums, cities don't generally have gigantic housing developments sitting around waiting for a huge influx of temporary visitors.

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Chris Christie exits presidential race, leaving a question mark on Marco Rubio

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's presidential bid apparently died in New Hampshire, which shows you there's not much upside to performing well in the debates -- just a huge potential downside.

Sources told reporters Wednesday that the governor was suspending his campaign after his disappointing sixth-place finish in the Granite State, which wasn't good enough to qualify him for the next GOP debate.

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Whatever happened to Project 50?

When a large enterprise like Los Angeles County government attempts something extraordinarily ambitious such as effectively eliminating homelessness, yet repeatedly falls short, it's sometimes hard to tell whether the rubble left by each failure forms a series of impenetrable barriers against the next attempt – or whether it instead forms a staircase layered with experience gained and lessons learned,

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Hillary Clinton tweaks her 'safe, legal and rare' abortion mantra

Is Hillary Clinton recalibrating her position on abortion as she seeks the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination?

It sure looks that way. In her last presidential run in 2008, Clinton said that she thought abortion should be “safe, legal and rare, and by rare, I mean rare.”

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