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New study says Hepatitis drugs could cost state taxpayers billions

Jaws dropped earlier this year when Gov. Jerry Brown told the Legislature that he wanted to set aside $300 million for two years' worth of specialty drugs for Medi-Cal users, state prisoners and others covered by state health programs. Even with a general fund of more than $110 billion, $300 million is nothing to sneeze at.

This week, a new study suggested that Brown may have been low-balling the...

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Crowdfunding Greece: What's your level of giving?

Hey there, world citizens! As you may have heard, Greece is in a bad way — tossed between Scylla and Charybdis, as the Greeks would say. But then, the Greeks had a word for everything.

Look around you — everywhere, you see gifts from the Greeks: academia, architecture, democracy, the Hippocratic oath and nude Olympics.

Now it’s our turn to give back. By donating on GoFundThee, you can help rescue...

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Justice Antonin Scalia (yes, Scalia) rules for a criminal defendant

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has received a lot of criticism for his scabrous dissenting opinions in the same-sex marriage and Affordable Care Act decisions. (Some comedians have even turned Scalia’s dissents into a song.)

But Scalia is entitled to some love for his majority opinion in a decision that has been overshadowed by the marriage, ACA and other blockbuster rulings. In Johnson vs....

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Will science rule in Jerry Brown's decision on California vaccine bill?

Gov. Jerry Brown has been among the world’s leaders when it comes to recognizing and responding to the science of climate change. Now the question is whether he’ll do the same with what science says about vaccinations.

The California Legislature has done its part by locking arms against a host of misinformed anti-vaccination hype, hewing to the science on a controversial issue and, most important,...

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Hey politicians: California is more than just a money bag for your 2016 campaign

My cartoon was prompted by a report by Times political columnist Cathleen Decker about how “California has become the place where politicians go to rich people's homes to talk about the lives of less-fortunate people they rarely meet.” In late June, for example: “President Obama crossed into Southern California airspace on Thursday and promptly took part in two events with donors, one at the home...

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The public safety problem with recreational drones

There's someone out there who just cost the public about $10,000 or $15,000. That's how much the U.S. Forest Service estimates it cost to abort an air tanker operation fighting the Lake fire when a "hobby" drone bumbled into restricted airspace.

Worse, that person endangered the lives of people working hard to fight a fire still raging in the San Bernardino Mountains, forcing the aircraft to abandon...

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