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Does a voting-rights case threaten experimentation?

Suppose a state adopts a traditional approach to voting – only one day on which voters can cast their ballots at polling places, with limited opportunities for absentee voting.

Yet legislators in this state are intrigued by innovations in other states, such as Oregon’s system of voting by mail or Sunday voting, which allows churches to organize “souls to the polls” programs that shepherd parishioners...

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The lesson of Cecil: Big-game trophy hunting should be outlawed


In the days since Walter Palmer, a Minnesota dentist and big game trophy hunter, was revealed to have killed a beloved and well-known male lion named Cecil outside a protected habitat in Zimbabwe, Cecil has become the face of the slaughtered trophy and Palmer has become the face of the brutal hunter.  

This past weekend, Cecil's face was featured among a group of endangered species projected in...

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Will Trans-Pacific Partnership hold back new generic drugs?

The Times' editorial board, which has long supported free-trade deals, sounded a note of caution Friday about the next one in the pipeline, the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

"The Obama administration's goal has been to persuade its trading partners to move toward U.S. standards in these areas, which tend to be more demanding than their own," the board wrote. "But it's important that the deal not undermine...

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Senate maneuvering spares Planned Parenthood -- for now

A series of hidden-camera videos by anti-abortion activists capturing Planned Parenthood executives discussing tissue harvesting from aborted fetuses has renewed calls by Republicans to eliminate all federal support for the organization. But as bad as it's been lately in Washington for Planned Parenthood, the group can actually thank Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) for preventing things...

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Fast-tracking VA firings makes for bad policy

The scandals that rocked the federal Department of Veterans Affairs last year rightly had some high-reaching consequences, including toppling secretary Eric K. Shinseki. Whether Shinseki’s successor, Robert McDonald, has been able to effect much of a cultural change within the department that provides, among other things, healthcare for some 6 million veterans is uncertain. But it is troubling that...

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Some credit for the little-known figure behind L.A.'s 1984 Olympic Games deal

With all the renewed excitement about a possible return of the Summer Olympics to Los Angeles, we may be hearing the name Bob Ronka again.

Don’t know who he is? You’re not alone. I hadn’t heard his name until yesterday, when the circumstances of L.A.'s Olympic negotiations in the 1970s suddenly became particularly relevant.  Boston dropped out as the U.S. bidder for the 2024 games this week, saying...

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