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Top of the Ticket Political commentary from David Horsey
Trump gets comfy in the Washington swamp

Donald Trump is about to become the biggest alligator in Washington, so it should be no surprise that he has lost interest in draining the swamp.

Thanks to constant repetition by the candidate, one of the campaign applause lines that Trump fans learned by heart and loudly repeated whenever their hero gave the signal was “drain the swamp!”

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Standing Rock is the first of many protests to come in the Trump era

It is impossible not to think of the 19th century Indian wars when contemplating the significance of the Standing Rock confrontation. Once again, the cavalry — the local police backed by cops from around the country — is riding in to fight on behalf of business interests who want to invade tribal lands.

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Bannon opens an alt-right door to the Trump White House

Donald Trump is shedding his campaign promises as easily as a male stripper sheds his clothes — most famously his often-stated intention to investigate and lock up Hillary Clinton. He may be disappointing many of the gullible voters who believed his every blurt and boast, but he seems to still be in good standing with at least one of his constituencies: white nationalists.

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What a strange trip: A cartoon review of the 2016 campaign

Liberals across America are still in shock. Women are weeping and men are turning to hard drink. Or maybe it’s the men who are weeping and the women who are drinking. Either way, the election of Donald Trump seems like a bad case of herpes that will not go away soon.

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A message to red-state Trump voters: I want MY country back

I’m sure thousands of bottles of Budweiser will be raised tonight in those white, working-class neighborhoods of the upper Midwest that put Donald Trump over the top in the electoral college.

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Trump’s careless ignorance could make him the world’s most dangerous man

There is a good reason that Donald Trump failed to win the endorsement of a single serious newspaper (the Ku Klux Klan “Crusader” does not count). It is not because the press is uniformly liberal; there were plenty of traditionally Republican and conservative editorial boards that could not bring themselves to support Trump.

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