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Top of the Ticket Political commentary from David Horsey
Mitch McConnell’s healthcare rewrite looks as 'mean' as the House version

After throwing a celebratory garden party outside the Oval Office with all those white guys in suits who passed an Obamacare repeal plan that would take away the healthcare of 24 million Americans, President Trump seems to have had a change of heart. He began characterizing the scheme as “mean” and urged Senate Republicans to be more generous and less hardhearted as they recrafted the House bill.

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After four special-election losses, Democrats need more than moral victories

Democrats are claiming “moral victories” after losing two special congressional elections in heavily Republican districts. Those results from votes in Georgia and South Carolina on Tuesday follow two other moral victories — also known as losses — in battles for House seats in Montana in May and Kansas in April. Many more results like these and the Democratic Party will be out of business.

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Megyn Kelly infuriates Alex Jones and his paranoid, delusional fans

Prior to the Sunday night airing of her interview with rabble-rousing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, Megyn Kelly was criticized by people who said she and NBC should not give a platform to such a dangerous demagogue. In my view, Kelly’s decision to expose Jones to a broader audience provided an important service to the country.

Jones already is a big presence on the right.

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Alexandria shooting exposes the malign spirit haunting U.S. politics

Americans who have become intoxicated with political fury should be sobered by the gun attack on a group of Republican lawmakers, aides and others at a baseball field in Alexandria, Va.

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Trump’s follies distract while Mitch McConnell brews healthcare poison

Mitch McConnell has never let concerns about hypocrisy get in the way of advancing his legislative agenda. Now, while the media and American citizens are fixated on each daily warp of the soap operatic presidency of Donald Trump, McConnell has huddled behind locked doors with his Republican loyalists and favored lobbyists to assemble a healthcare scheme that will disassemble Obamacare.

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Talking with Comey, Trump focused on himself, not Russian hacks

A deadly serious conclusion can be drawn from former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee: Donald Trump cares more about himself than about the security of the United States.

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