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Top of the Ticket Political commentary from David Horsey
Trump’s tax plan would reward the wealthy and balloon the federal debt

The Trump administration announced a major tax reform plan on Wednesday, except it isn’t much of a reform (merely another massive tax cut for the very wealthy) and it isn’t much of a plan (just a one-page list of ideas that have yet to be developed into a legislative proposal).

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Trump’s first 100 days accomplished little but changed a lot

The tradition of measuring a new presidency’s success in the first 100 days began after Franklin Delano Roosevelt set a high bar in 1933 with a string of big accomplishments at the beginning of his first term.

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Trump is being schooled by international events and sly adversaries

Donald Trump is learning about foreign affairs in the riskiest possible way: on-the-job training.

During the presidential campaign, Trump ranted about world issues with all the assurance and comprehension of a guy on his fourth beer shouting at a TV.

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Trump should claim victory on the border and abandon his foolish wall

It was his sure-fire applause line, one he pulled out of his rhetorical grab bag whenever he saw he was losing the enthusiasm of a crowd: “I will build a big, beautiful wall and Mexico will pay for it!” If we are lucky, though, now that he is president, Donald Trump will renege on this, his biggest campaign promise.

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Trump’s missile attack on Syria did not spring from a coherent policy

Friday afternoon at the northeast corner of Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles, scores of leftist protesters gathered to speak out against American military intervention in Syria.

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Scott Pruitt undermines the EPA with anti-scientific ignorance

Donald Trump’s foreign policy and legislative agenda may be a confused mess due to amateurism, impulsiveness and understaffing, but his administration’s attack on the environment is operating with the focus and zeal of the Spanish Inquisition. Led by EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, the Trump team is moving quickly to return national environmental policy to a pre-scientific age.

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