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Top of the Ticket Political commentary from David Horsey
Encore cartoon: NASA climate science set adrift

I’m on a brief vacation in America’s wide-open spaces, so I offer this updated version of a drawing done a few years ago when NASA’s space shuttle program ended. At the time, the American space agency had no way to get to the International Space Station without hitching a ride with the Russians.

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Encore cartoon: In search of slackers, Congress should look in the mirror

This week, I’m on vacation in a place with no Wi-Fi and no cellphone service. Given how, for months, every day has brought a new wild twist in political news, I assume I will feel like Rip Van Winkle when I return to the digitally-connected world in a few days. The Trumpapalooza may have achieved whole new dimensions of weirdness.

One thing that will not be different is the inability of the U.S.

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Trump may be in trouble, but his appointees advance his startling agenda

Cable news is consumed with wall-to-wall coverage of every new development in Donald Trump’s political implosion, and liberals, still stunned by Trump’s rise to the White House, cannot get enough of it. For them, this national nightmare can’t be over soon enough.

Nevertheless, one disturbing reality should not be overlooked.

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Trump leaks state secrets and self-incriminating boasts

The old phrase “never a dull moment” should be inscribed on whatever marble monument is erected to commemorate the Trump administration for a mystified posterity (“Trump? President? What in God’s name were they thinking?” posterity will ask).

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In the Comey crisis, Trump needs more than his loyal-to-the-death fans

The firing of FBI Director James Comey is unlikely to put even a dent in Donald Trump’s support among his coalition of supporters.

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Donald Trump is too inept to conduct a successful coverup

Donald Trump built his overblown image as a brilliant boss on a TV show where he fired contestants in a televised game. His real-world firing of FBI Director James Comey, though, is a demonstration of the obtuse ineptness that is the true hallmark of his executive style.

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