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Top of the Ticket Political commentary from David Horsey
Trump calling Hillary Clinton a bigot is the tactic of a 5-year-old

Donald Trump has said many crazy things, some quite entertaining, many wildly fantastical and incendiary. Now he may have outdone himself with his charge that Hillary Clinton is a bigot.

Even people who oppose Clinton and loathe her political views — maybe even those who believe that she is corrupt and think she should be “locked up” — would have a hard time agreeing that she is a bigot.

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New campaign boss confirms that Trump is the alt-right choice

I just spent a very weird 15 minutes and 34 seconds watching a video of an alt-right commentator named Christopher Greene.

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Ties to Clinton Foundation are a knotty problem for Hillary’s campaign

Hillary Clinton is very lucky that she is facing off against a Republican presidential nominee who, week after week, demonstrates he is not ready for the political big leagues.

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Even on a summer escape, hints of climate calamity intrude

LAKE CHELAN, WASHINGTON — There are pluses and minuses to combining work with a vacation. Here’s the plus: at this moment as I write, I can look up from my laptop and see speedboats and jet skis carving wakes across the surface of a slate blue lake. Beyond, the hillsides are covered with fir trees and vineyards. The sky is blue, the sun is bright and a slight breeze softly shifts the August heat.

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Republicans wish they could blame Bill Clinton for the Trump debacle

At the very beginning of the long trek into bombast and absurdity that we call the 2016 presidential campaign, there was an intriguing phone call that set off a flurry of speculation in conservative circles. Reportedly, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump had a chat in May 2015 in which the ex-president may have encouraged the reality TV star in his impending decision to run for the Republican presidential

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Trump’s tax scheme serves the rich, not working-class white guys

I ’ve got a cowboy friend who plans to vote for Donald Trump, the same choice being made by millions of other working-class white men. Outside of my job, I generally avoid political arguments, but I did tell my friend that I am pretty certain he and other voters like him will end up very disappointed by the real estate mogul if he should become president.

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