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Convention sketch: the gantlet of Bernie buddies

Today, as delegates emerged from the subway at the Wells Fargo Center where the Democratic National Convention is being held, they were met by hundreds of rowdy protesters pressing against a wire mesh fence, chanting, “Hey, ho, DNC! We won’t vote for Hillary!”

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DNC sketch: Debbie Wasserman Schultz exits

On the plus side, Democrats were spared the spectacle of hundreds of delegates booing the chair of the Democratic National Committee as she walked onstage to run the nominating convention. Still, it is a bit awkward that the party boss, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, quit her job just one day before taking up the convention gavel.

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A stroll through Philly for signs of revolution turns up picnicking activists

The wheels could come off the Democrats’ bandwagon in the next four days, but, on Sunday, this city felt nothing like Cleveland, the site of the Republican National Convention. Cleveland was a city under police occupation; downtown Philadelphia where Democrats have gathered to anoint their nominee for president feels rather serene.

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With law and order his priority, Trump declares, 'I am your voice'

Donald Trump’s speech accepting the Republican presidential nomination was, objectively speaking, a mess. It was too long, too angry, too humorless, too mendacious, too repetitious, not at all poetic and poorly delivered — but it might have worked. With Trump, it’s hard to know.

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Republicans love their Daddy Trump and despise 'Crooked Hillary'

Every presidential nominating convention is an exercise in making one’s candidate look like the second coming of George Washington with a bold plan for the future while simultaneously portraying the other party’s candidate as a pitiful mediocrity clinging to the failed policies of the past. The 2016 Republican National Convention has gone a dramatic step beyond.

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Trump gets even by spoiling Ted Cruz's speech finale

Melania Trump’s plagiarism controversy had a good run on cable news and in the Twittersphere, but the 2016 Republican National Convention seems to be quick to hit the reset button to provide a fresh 24-hour brouhaha. The newest one came Wednesday night when Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Donald Trump’s toughest competition in the Republican primaries, was given a prime speaking spot on the evening program.

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