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ICE raids and White House schemes provoke fear in Latino families

Donald Trump pledged in his campaign that, upon taking office, he would unleash U.S. immigration agents to chase down the “bad hombres” among the millions of undocumented immigrants in the country. Well, they have been unleashed, but Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers are sweeping up mothers and young people with no major crimes or terrorist activities on their records.

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Factual leaks infuriate a president who tweets nonsense

It’s no fun to live in a house with a leaky roof, so it must be a major pain to live in a house — the White House — that leaks from every crack and corner.

Leaks appear to be tremendously infuriating to the new occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

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Donald Trump’s wounds are all self-inflicted

When Barack Obama came into office, George W. Bush left him with two wars and an economy teetering on the brink of colossal disaster. Eight years later, Obama handed off to Donald Trump a country with challenges, but no immediate crises looming. Less than a month after taking office, though, Trump finds himself awash in catastrophes that are all of his own making.

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West Coast states form a wall against Trump’s reactionary agenda

I went to an inaugural ball a few weeks ago — the one in Washington state, not the one in Washington, D.C. — and got a good sense of the official resistance that is rising on the West Coast against the policies of the new Trump administration.

Jay Inslee celebrated the advent of his second term as governor of the Evergreen State on the evening of Jan. 11, and I was there for personal reasons.

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Trump’s rationalization for 'killer' Putin is ignorant and anti-American

During a pre-Super Bowl interview on Fox News with Bill O’Reilly, Donald Trump said something that, in a sane world, would confirm in every citizen’s mind that he is unfit to be president.

In the one-on-one, O’Reilly follows up Trump’s comment that he “respects” Russian President Vladimir Putin by saying, “But he’s a killer, though. Putin’s a killer.”

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From cable TV to cattlemen’s websites, flood of Trump news swamps the media

Here is the latest news from the “Stock Exchange,” a website you’ve probably never seen that tracks news of interest to cattlemen and ranchers: Tracy Brunner, president of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Assn. is worried that the Trump administration’s protectionist trade policies are going to be a disaster for his industry.

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