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Congressional races

Congressional candidates Yolie Flores and Maria Cabildo launch first video ads and play to their strengths

Former L.A. Unified board member Yolie Flores has released her first video ad of her congressional campaign, and it's focused on education. 

The video, which is about two minutes long, features local supporters, including social workers, business owners, a seventh-grader named Esteban and a first-grader named Bella.

In it, Flores, who served on the L.A. Unified board from 2007 to 2011, calls public education "one of the most sacred of our democratic principles," in between scenes of her surrounded by children in classrooms.

Flores, who now works as chief program officer for the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, also has a degree in social work.

Maria Cabildo, a former L.A. city planning commissioner who also debuted an ad Monday, chose to focus on an economic message.

In a 48-second ad, Cabildo talks about an economic recovery that "never hit many of our neighborhoods."

"We need to bring opportunity back to everybody, not just the billionaires that get to sit on Donald Trump's cabinet," says Cabildo, a longtime affordable housing developer who now serves as director of homeless initiatives for the L.A. County Community Development Commission.

Flores and Cabildo are two of the 23 candidates running in the April 4 primary to replace Xavier Becerra. If no single candidate receives more than 50% of the vote, a June 6 runoff will be held between the top two finishers.

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