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Tiger Woods asks to be on Ryder Cup team despite injury, poor play

Tiger Woods wants to be on Ryder Cup team despite injury, poor play

Tiger Woods has asked, but Tom Watson hasn't answered.

Speaking to reporters at a Ryder Cup news conference on Monday morning, Watson said the former No. 1 golfer bluntly requested a spot on the team.

"Actually Tiger said that to me in our conversation: 'I want you to pick me.'"

Phil Mickelson, Zach Johnson and Patrick Reed secured spots on the roster with their results at the PGA Championship over the weekend. As team captain, Watson still has discretionary picks in hand.

That leaves a potential opening for Woods, who is recovering from back surgery in the spring and has struggled through recent tournaments.

"I've said it consistently all the way through ... if he's healthy and he's playing well, I'll pick him," Watson said, adding: "Right now, his health is not good."

The Americans have several weeks to finalize the roster.

"I'll monitor the situation, I'll be talking with him," Watson said of Woods. "As far as his playing ability is concerned, I'll monitor that as well."


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