UFC'S Dana White on Ronda Rousey in WWE: 'She's a one-and-done'

UFC President Dana White says Ronda Rousey will not be taking part in any other WWE events

UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey drew plenty of adulation from wrestling fans when she made an appearance at WrestleMania 31 last month. After appearing alongside The Rock (a.k.a. Dwayne Johnson) in the ring, Rousey hinted she would be up for more WWE appearances in the future.

Unfortunately, it looks as if UFC President Dana White is playing the heel to any ambitions his superstar fighter may have when it comes to wrestling in the WWE.

"What she did on WrestleMania was awesome. It was awesome," White told Fight Network. "It came off great, I loved it. Um, she’s a one-and-done."

Asked for more clarification on whether there was any chance of Rousey fighting again in WWE, White simply replied, "No."

It's difficult to determine why White seems to be against the idea of seeing Rousey taking part in any WWE events when he described her participation at Wrestlemania as "awesome." From a marketing perspective, the appearance seemed only to boost Rousey's reputation as one of the most feared fighters on the planet. The risk of injury also seems very remote for an athlete of Rousey's caliber. Perhaps White has a problem with the WWE profiting off one of his fighters.

It remains to be seen if Rousey has something to say about White's stance on the matter.

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