Los Angeles Times News Quiz for March 15, 2024: From Oscar firsts to Beyoncé’s new album title

A collage of photos based on this week's quiz questions.
You probably read all about the Academy Awards, but how much do you remember?
(Times staff and wire photos)

Welcome to another edition of the Los Angeles Times News Quiz. I’m your quizmaster, Adam Tschorn, back with another 10 handcrafted, California-focused, multiple-choice questions based on stories that appeared in The Times (in print or online) over the previous seven days.

I’ll admit it: This week I took a deep dive into my colleagues’ coverage of the Academy Awards. So if you watched the Oscars telecast — and stayed abreast of our postshow coverage — you might have a better-than-average chance of answering questions about The Times’ first Academy Award, what record Billie Eilish set and who gets mentioned the (second) most in Oscar acceptance speeches.

Other topics tackled this week in an effort to educate, enlighten and entertain include an endangered member of the weasel family, Beyoncé’s upcoming country album and a SoCal handyman with a made-for-TV (or at least YouTube) side hustle.


Are you ready to have some fun? I am. Let’s get started.

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