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The year in California: Fighting on multiple fronts

It was a year of drought-ending rain, deadly wildfires and fights over free speech on campus. California became a sanctuary state, politicians vowed to fight the Trump administration on climate change, and earthquakes in Mexico reminded us of our own vulnerabilities.

Women dominate headlines

Get this: A movie starring a female superhero, directed by a woman, was amazingly appealing to men and women alike. Who would have thought?

Protests, storms and more mass killings

It was a year of protests and counter-protests, hurricanes that tore through cities and islands, and inexplicable mass shootings. What united us (if only briefly) in 2017? A total solar eclipse.

Violence and upheaval

Populism in Europe, terrorist attacks in England, ethnic cleansing in Myanmar, earthquakes in Mexico and missile launches from North Korea.

A tumultuous new era

Trade policies and travel bans. Flynn, Comey and Mueller. Obamacare and tax reform. If you feel a little breathless, you're not alone.

Amid market boom, tech in turmoil

An airline passenger uprising, the remaking of L.A.’s downtown and the Trump administration’s deregulation push were among the big business headlines in 2017. And through it all, the stock market kept climbing.

L.A. gets Olympics and Chargers

It was a mixed year in sports. The Dodgers came within one game of a world championship but fell short. The Clippers lost their best player. UCLA said goodbye to a once-revered football coach. But at least we can look forward to the 2028 Olympic Games — right?


From drug-abusing deans to fractured families, a selection of our life and Times in 2017

From out-of-control deans to immigration stories, this selection of major series over the course of a topsy-turvy news year gives a glimpse of life in 2017.

An overdose, a young companion, drug-fueled parties: The secret life of a USC med school dean

A Times investigation revealed that the dean of USC’s Keck School of Medicine took part in drug-fueled parties during which he regularly used methamphetamine.

A Times podcast series: Dirty John

A true story of love, deceit, denial and, ultimately survival.

Editorial series: Our Dishonest President

A seven-part series by the paper’s editorial board concluded that President Trump poses a threat to democracy and the country’s institutions.


Tweets, sexual abuse and racial divides shook the entertainment industry and beyond in 2017

Tweets, sexual abuse and racial divides shook the entertainment industry and beyond in 2017

  • Commentary

How woke was 2017 at the movies?

Grading the industry and evaluating culture with Jen Yamato and Tre'vell Anderson.

A trying and triumphant year in TV and beyond for women

A look at how the events of the world transpired on television and coincided with the themes in the art it beamed back to the world.

'Call Me by Your Name,' 'The Florida Project' lead Justin Chang's 12 best films of 2017

A top 10 so big there's room for 12 titles, including "Call Me By Your Name," "The Florida Project," "Lady Bird" and "mother!"

Times music writers pick their top albums of 2017

Before we welcome 2018, read the top 10 lists from the Los Angeles Times' music staff.

'Harlots,' 'Handmaid's,' 'Insecure' and late night TV made it an interesting 2017

From 'Harlots' to 'Handmaid's' and 'Insecure' to 'SMILF,' women are front and center in the best shows of 2017, while the wry men of late night also pulled their weight.