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Here are our most read, shared and retweeted stories of 2018

Los Angeles Times readers spent 30,884,166 hours with our articles, photographs, and videos over the course of 2018. That’s the equivalent of 1,286,840 days or 3,526 years.

2018 in review: From the darkness, uncommon poetry

In a year that on some days seemed to repeat the past, Americans heard the passion and language that suggested a new direction for the future.

A state of change and new chances: California news in 2018

Big stories included a new governor, the Golden State Killer case, fires and mudslides, heartbreak in Thousand Oaks and California's blue wave.

Results from the 2018 elections

Democrats took the House. The GOP held the senate. What else happened?

How many women won?

A record number of women ran for office in 2018.


The Next California: A four-part series

Some challenges that have long vexed the state have taken on new urgency. Others are unique to this moment in the state’s history.

A decade after the financial crisis, many Americans are still struggling to recover

Amid the chaos after Lehman Bros.' collapse, the big banks got hundreds of billions of dollars in bailouts. Aggressive stimulus efforts injected trillions of dollars more into the financial markets and the economy. But there were no big bailouts for average Americans.

A Dream Displaced: A four-part series

Just northeast of downtown Los Angeles, Lincoln Heights has been a first home for waves of immigrants: Italians, Mexicans, Chinese and Central Americans.

We asked March for Our Lives attendees why they're demonstrating. These were their stories

Demonstrators took to the streets across the country to protest government inaction on gun violence and mass shootings

Inside the historic buildings that have defined the Los Angeles Times

The Times' move from downtown Los Angeles after 137 years marked the end of an era.