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Scorsese's 'Silence' got the pope's blessing; next stop, Oscar?

A new movie from Martin Scorsese. A new release date for Michael Keaton’s “The Founder.” And a possible new inductee into the EGOT club.

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I'm Glenn Whipp, The Times’ awards columnist and your newsletter host.

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J. Ralph and Sting's ode to an American hero — slain journalist James Foley

Sting found the story of slain photojournalist James Foley “emotionally devastating” but inspiring.

“It’s an example of true American heroism. Not that gung-ho, shoot-‘em-up … this is real heroism,” says the British musical superstar. “Stand up, speak your mind at your own danger to protect the people around you. That’s the kind of America we want.”

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Lin-Manuel Miranda navigates the Pacific to help send 'Moana' on a daring adventure

The crowd at a movie premiere is an inherently friendly one. Everyone in the house is either employed by the studio, had a hand in making the movie or is just happy to be at a free movie (that would be the press). And when the film finishes screening, there is always a round of applause for almost every name that floats on the screen.

Disney’s premiere for “Moana” was no different.

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Film scores range from experimental sounds ('Arrival') to simple, hushed restraint ('A Monster Calls')

Many of this year’s notable film scores are the work of relative newcomers to Hollywood, with a few established veterans (as ever) in the mix. The scores range from experimental sound worlds for alien visitors to more traditional, symphonic approaches for more familiar galactic friends.

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Tori Amos channels Valkyrie fury and 'Mad Max's' Furiosa for rape documentary song 'Flicker'

Singer-songwriter Tori Amos is here for Audrie and for Daisy, and she’s bringing a cleansing fire.

“As the song was developing, I began to see and hear the Valkyries were very much coming into the chorus,” Amos says of “Flicker,” the song she wrote for the teen-rape documentary “Audrie & Daisy.”

“There was a defiance that was being woven into the chorus.

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'Maggie's Plan' takes its inspiration from the screwball romantic comedies of the '30s, '40s

In 2012, I was on the prowl for something funny — an article, a book, a short story —  to build a script around.  I had just moved back to the city [New York] with my family, was freshly in love with the place, and was burned out after writing a novel, “Jacob’s Folly,” about a reincarnated Jewish housefly.  I needed a leg up.

Karen Rinaldi is one of my dearest friends.

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