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McConnell brushes off Trump's call to get rid of Senate filibuster rule

President Trump railed after the failed healthcare vote that it was time to do away with the Senate filibuster so Republicans could rely on just a simple majority, 51 votes, to pass major legislation.

The problem with the president's thinking, of course, was that Senate Republicans were already operating on special rules that would have enabled them to approve their Obamacare repeal and replacement with just a simple majority.

Republicans failed when three Republican senators opposed the plan, depriving the majority of the votes needed for passage.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made clear Tuesday that he does not side with the president's approach to Senate procedures.

"It's pretty obvious on healthcare our problem was not the Democrats," McConnell said Tuesday. "The votes were simply not there."

Trump may want to change the rules, but it's not something McConnell seems inclined to do. Nor does the leader seem to believe it would help.

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