At Walt Disney Co.'s annual shareholder meeting, the company offered peeks at its upcoming movies and theme park attractions -- "Star Wars" was a big topic. Also, CEO Bob Iger defended his seat on President Trump's business advisory council and pushed back against allegations of bias at ABC and ESPN.

L.A. Times staff writer Daniel Miller was at the Denver meeting. Here's how it went.

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Iger vigorously defends ABC and ESPN against claims of media bias

Disney CEO Robert Iger dismissed claims of media bias against the Trump administration and offered a vigorous defense of ESPN and ABC at the Walt Disney Co. shareholder meeting Wednesday.

"I am going to disagree with just about everything you said," Iger said in response to a shareholder proxy who alleged that Disney-owned ESPN and ABC News were biased in their coverage of the Trump administration.

"The charge that ESPN is exhibiting significant political bias is just a complete exaggeration," Iger said.

Iger said he was "proud of the efforts of ABC News."

He gave an impassioned defense of the role of the free press, saying there has been an unfair "indictment" of some in the media because people simply don't agree with outlets' reporting.

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