Trend analysis


Essays, criticism and style analysis that make the fashion trends of L.A. make sense on their own terms.

Never mind wearing them at home. Whatever stereotypes you once clung to don’t make much sense the moment you put on a pair.

In a city known for flipping the switch and letting the void do its thing, embracing darkness in your closet might be the sartorial special time you’ve been looking for.

How a cut once deemed déclassé is now at the forefront of chicness.

When films lose their appeal with the public, turn into cult objects or get killed by giants like Warner Bros. Discovery, what is left of the work? Jackets given out at wrap parties.

The early 2000s saw celebutantes like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton rocking their Uggs to Starbucks runs and lunches. Now, the ‘can’t be bothered’ boot is back.

Anyone can buy a secondhand L-shaped sectional on Facebook Marketplace, but snagging a curved couch involves more capital, effort and taste.

The Dodgers’ hat is bigger than baseball. The interlocking L-A is iconic, and to see it on someone’s head is to feel an instant kinship.

What constitutes the perfect fit? The residents of Highland Park, Lincoln Heights, Eagle Rock and other neighborhoods that make up Northeast L.A. seem to have decided once and for all: the skinny jean.

My go-to L.A. fashion: going topless in my “hot girl” bra

This story is part of our issue on Remembrance, a time-traveling journey through the L.A. experience — past, present and future.