Los Intelligentsia


A living conversation among L.A.’s intellectual giants — artists, scholars, activists and writers. Reminder: The discourse begins with the institutional knowledge next door.

L.A.’s rich cultural history is alive through the life and work of the city’s unofficial poet laureate. Just ask her brother George Evans.

The founder of Tlaloc Studios sees working alongside others as integral to his process as an artist.

‘At the end of the day, chefs care; they want to feed everyone. But they’re also struggling to figure things out for themselves.’

L.A. artist Maria Maea reaches for a new level of ancestral knowledge through work that functions outside of market calendars.

Even in his final act, the legendary scholar and theorist does not mince words. He sees an L.A. that is decaying from the bottom up.

Artist Matthew Thomas shows how the traditions of Buddhism and Black American abstraction both provide a sense of freedom and agility of faith.

This conversation between activist Theo Henderson and scholar Ananya Roy foregrounds the endeavors and collaborations that seek to challenge such erasure.

An exhibition at REDCAT is built on Octavia E. Butler’s ‘Parable of the Sower.’ Its creator, American Artist, talks with Tananarive Due.

Devon Tsuno interviews Alan Nakagawa about forgotten stories of Japanese people in Mid-City.

A weekend of self-care in the desert with Alice Smith gets supercharged thanks to a lunar eclipse and a trip to the sound bath.

‘La pelota se va, se va, se va, y despidala con un beso!’ Los Angeles Dodgers baseball would not be the same without Jaime Jarrín, the team’s beloved Spanish-language broadcaster.

Fulton Leroy ‘Mr. Wash’ Washington is putting his story to the best use for the world.

Sadie Barnette on her father’s activism, Angela Davis and the FBI.

Black Lives Matter L.A. leader Melina Abdullah discusses her parenting approach and efforts to challenge the status quo.

The activists undoing the racist gentrification of East L.A.

Robin D.G. Kelley and Vinson Cunningham on L.A. solidarity and the Black Radical Tradition.