At Walt Disney Co.'s annual shareholder meeting, the company offered peeks at its upcoming movies and theme park attractions -- "Star Wars" was a big topic. Also, CEO Bob Iger defended his seat on President Trump's business advisory council and pushed back against allegations of bias at ABC and ESPN.

L.A. Times staff writer Daniel Miller was at the Denver meeting. Here's how it went.

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' clip reveals what happened right after that 'Force Awakens' cliffhanger with Luke

A bit of "Star Wars" news dropped Wednesday at Disney's annual shareholders meeting in Denver: We've seen what happens after Rey (Daisy Ridley) visits Luke (Mark Hamill) at his secluded cliffside hangout.

Los Angeles Times reporter Daniel Miller was at the meeting and viewed the first clips from director Rian Johnson's new film "Star Wars: The Last Jedi." But first, it all started off with a joke ...

Bob Iger, Walt Disney Co.'s chairman and chief executive, also took a moment to remember original "Star Wars" cast member Carrie Fisher, who died last year.

"Carrie Fisher has been an iconic part in this franchise from the very beginning," he said. "We all miss her. She has great talent and wit. We’re proud that this movie coming up is part of her legacy.”

Iger described "The Last Jedi" as "a perfect chapter in the iconic Skywalker family drama." So all you "Who's Rey's father?" conspiracy theorists, consider your flame officially fanned.

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