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No more competition for an EV charging station?

 (Alene Tchekmedyian / Los Angeles Times)
(Alene Tchekmedyian / Los Angeles Times)

If you’ve ever left a passive-aggressive note on the windshield of a neighbor who parked in your building’s EV charging station stall overnight, EverCharge says it has a solution for you.

Designed for apartment buildings and condos, executives say, the “smart” EV charger maximizes a building’s existing power supply to charge more electric cars.

While most buildings can accommodate only two or three traditional charging stations without needing costly infrastructure upgrades, EverCharge uses the same power supply to accommodate up to 20 chargers, according to Joseph Nagle, the company’s marketing director.

And, he said, it learns your charging habits over time. Recognized by the L.A. Auto Show as one of the top 10 automotive start-ups, EverCharge operates in 28 cities, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Atlanta.

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