How would tax reform affect you? We need your help to find out

Big changes could be coming for the nation’s tax code, from revised income tax brackets and a cap on the deduction for mortgage interest payments to a new tax rate for small-business owners.

Wondering how those changes could affect your family? The Times is wondering the same thing — and we need your help to figure it out.

We’re looking for readers willing to share their 2016 tax returns with us. Times reporters and a certified public accountant will review a selection of returns to assess whether families would see their tax bills rise or fall.

We’re particularly interested in families who would be affected by a handful of big-ticket proposals that would reshape the tax code.

  • Do you own your home and itemize mortgage interest and other deductions?
  • Do you own all or part of a small business?
  • Are you a graduate student with a tuition waiver or do you have lots of student loan debt?
  • Do you make a good living and rent rather than own your home?
  • Are you already struggling to make ends meet?

If you answered yes to any of those, we would like to see your returns.

Individuals who wish to participate must be willing to share their full 2016 federal tax return, be interviewed and photographed by The Times and sign a waiver allowing the newspaper and an accounting firm to review and write about their tax returns.

Interested? Email finance reporter James Rufus Koren at

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