Culture: High & Low With Carolina A. Miranda
Found: The $4.99 thrift store painting that turned out to be a Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia original

In late July, artist Javier Ramirez went to a thrift store in Reseda and spotted a somewhat surreal painting. The image of a little girl wearing what appeared to be a wrestling mask appealed to him so much he snapped a picture of it with his phone. But he didn't buy the painting, even though it was priced at just $4.99.

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Datebook: Digital manipulations, abstracted canvases, sculptures from trash

Abstract works that reflect on spirituality. Digital pieces that play with our image-saturated world. And a sculptor who embeds his sculptures, guerrilla-style, on the street. Plus: paintings about California and our oceans of trash. Here are five shows to see this week:

Diane Silver, "Sacrament," at Coagula Curatorial.

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Roundup: Damage at Palmyra, controversy over artist pay, the death of the American lawn

The idea that artists should make less money off sales of their work in galleries has some in the art world up in arms. Reviews on the new Broad museum are starting to trickle in. And Islamic State is at it again in Palmyra — trying to destroy still more ancient heritage sites.

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Ditch the car and the backyard: 5 lessons from 4 L.A. architects about L.A.'s future

Walk through the current exhibit at the Architecture + Design Museum in downtown Los Angeles and you will find some wild visions of a future L.A.

A concept design by wHY Architecture proposes a pair of slim, sci-fi structures that would occupy two lanes of Wilshire, complete with elevated parks and swimming pools.

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Banksy's 'Dismaland' theme park installation a singular blend of dystopia and hype

Endless lines in sweltering heat. A ticketing website that crashed. And an artist who was physically removed from the site for staging a protest. Banksy's "Dismaland" is supposed to be a grim parody of theme parks like Disneyland, but it is sounding almost like the real thing.

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Datebook: Documentary photography, MOCA's new storefront and art inspired by video games

Photography that provides an artful view of daily life. An installation comprised of remade blue-chip works. The art that video games have wrought. And a pair of artists create a fictional radio station.

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