Culture: High & Low With Carolina A. Miranda
UnSilent Cinema dumps the player piano and sets Chaplin, Keaton to new electronica and indie music

Go to a screening of a classic silent film and chances are it will  be accompanied by a single piano player cranking out tunes influenced by ragtime, jazz and various vaudevillian sounds. But a two-day film fest in Los Angeles aims to update silent classics with a more contemporary soundtrack.

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Hammer Museum's 'Radical Women' to showcase Latina artists on the politics of the female body

Latina and Latin American women artists rarely get air time in U.S. museums. That changes next fall when the Pacific Standard Time series of exhibitions devoted to art from Latino and Latin American artists around the globe touches down in Los Angeles.

Of particular note will be “Radical Women: Latin American Art, 1960-1985,” at the Hammer Museum, set to take place in the fall of 2017.

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Essential Arts & Culture: Photos that capture L.A., Dudamel's White House show, Trump's 'Les Miserables' moment

Pictures that record L.A.’s automotive landscapes. A presidential candidate channels Victor Hugo. And Gustavo Dudamel puts on an unplanned show. I’m Carolina A. Miranda, staff writer for the Los Angeles Times, and here’s your super-duper essential guide to all things fine art:

Photography with an L.A. lens

For half a century, L.A.

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Datebook: Toba Khedoori's enigmatic drawings, games about capitalism, art about the California coast

The ethereal drawings of Toba Khedoori. An L.A. artist makes a comeback. A museum debuts a politically minded arcade. Plus: Beer and art in Santa Monica, paintings about the California coast and a debut film about a mother’s death. Here are 10 exhibitions and events to check out in the coming week:

Toba Khedoori, at the L.A. County Museum of Art.

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'Teatro Moz': A theater festival in Boyle Heights takes on love, loss and the Mexican fascination with Morrissey

Two years ago, Casa 0101 theater in Boyle Heights held an open call for short plays about, inspired by and tangentially touching on the life, times or melancholy of singer Morrissey — renowned for his love of gladiolas and his enmity toward meat. The theater received dozens of entries, including several from Europe, and staged a night of readings, which sold out on the spot.

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Photography's best-kept secret: How Anthony Hernandez put a distinctly Los Angeles lens on picture-making

They are images in which Los Angeles can see itself, the side that doesn’t make it onto the picture postcards: Broken-down trucks in wide empty lots, the improvised architecture of freeway-side homeless encampments and municipal spaces that seem to offer their residents little more than disdain.

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