Culture: High & Low With Carolina A. Miranda
Roundup: Guggenheim Helsinki may be a no-go, Hitler's birthplace, Verlaine's gun, Abramovic's book

The Guggenheim’s European expansion plans appear to be very much in the air. Plus: Interesting doings by a bevy of women architects, French poet Paul Verlaine’s gun is for sale, and Marina Abramovic’s memoir is out this week. Here’s the Roundup:

— Try again, Guggenheim: Finland’s government has dropped plans to help build an outpost of the Guggenheim Museum in Helsinki with government funds.

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Essential Arts & Culture: Stoppard's new play, L.A.'s Wrigley Field, Dudamel's best-ever L.A. Phil piece

A new play from a renowned writer of screen and stage. The hidden history of L.A.’s Wrigley Field. (Sorry Chicago, we had one first.) And a choreographer receives his due. I’m Carolina A.

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'A practical solution to a horrific problem': When even Los Angeles needed havens for black drivers

In the middle of the 20th century there was probably no idea more romantic than that of the open road — a physical and psychological space that seemed to beckon everyone across America, from nuclear families on vacation to wandering Beats (a.k.a. Jack Kerouac and company).

But the road was more open to some people than others.

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Datebook: A show tied to the election, Cuban posters, new American galleries at the Huntington
From Clinton's shimmy to Pepe the frog: Memes are the language of the 2016 election
Artist Mark Bradford creates a bold logo for the Santa Monica Museum of Art's new identity as ICA LA

The last year has brought a lot of change for the Santa Monica Museum of Art. It’s left Santa Monica and its longtime space at Bergamot Station and is now scheduled to open next year in an old industrial building in downtown Los Angeles.

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