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Essential Arts & Culture: Chicago architecture biennial, 'The Red Shoes' hits L.A. and more PST: LA/LA

An architecture biennial looks to history. A pair of red shoes are set to dance at the Ahmanson. And getting a closer look at some of the shows (including music!) that are part of Pacific Standard Time: Los Angeles / Latin America. I’m Carolina A.

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The 1910 bombing of the Los Angeles Times has been the subject of books and film. Now it's a bus tour

The weapon: 16 sticks of dynamite and a windup alarm clock.

The target: The old Los Angeles Times building, an 1886 brick-and-granite edifice known as “the fortress,” on Broadway and First Street, across the street from where The Times is located today.

The bomber: J.B.

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Datebook: The paintings of Carolyn Castaño, Chicano murals we've lost, experimental film and musical tributes
Four must-see art shows that speak to the anxiety triggered by Trump's DACA reversal
With Trump's DACA reversal, an art moment rises: how two works have acquired new significance
How artist Camilo Ontiveros acquired the belongings of a DACA deportee and what he did with them
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