Culture: High & Low With Carolina A. Miranda
Roundup: SFMOMA's big donor agreement, housing and density in NorCal and SoCal, Peter Doig's strange trial

Teasing apart an agreement between a San Francisco museum and a major donor. Why the naked Trump statue is a pile of clichés. And the surreal case of a painter getting sued over a painting he states (quite firmly) he didn’t paint. Plus: The issue of housing heats up in Palo Alto and Sunnyvale, and a retrograde Los Angeles development coalition gets all kinds of celebrity power.

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Court rules museum can keep Nazi-looted Adam and Eve masterpieces with a hidden past

They are a seductive pair: Adam, on a painted panel more than 6 feet tall, holds the apple of temptation. Eve, watched closely by a serpent, cradles an apple on her own panel moments before the act that will lead to the biblical couple’s expulsion from Eden.

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Essential Arts & Culture: Deciphering Civil War telegrams, summer of Shakespeare, a conductor's fiery performance

From Civil War telegrams to a historic Los Angeles house to the shaky place of art in Brazil, there has been terrific culture writing going on. I’m Carolina A.

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Artists talking about artists: A new video series from LACMA explores the collection

Conceptualist John Baldessari is fascinated by the ways in which a small canvas by Belgian surrealist René Magritte questions what we think we know. Photographer Catherine Opie is beguiled by the embrace of a pair of wrestlers in an 1899 canvas by Thomas Eakins.

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Datebook: A movie for one, a festival of film chosen by women

It’s the dead of summer, which means the pickin’s are slim, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some highly intriguing stuff going down in Los Angeles — from a women’s film festival to a Pachuco party to a live podcast to a special art screening for one. Here are four openings and events to check out this week:

Loris Gréaud, “Sculpt,” at the L.A. County Museum of Art.

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Bulky, heavy, pricey - yet flourishing. Art catalogs keep print alive in the digital era

As far as art books go, “Matisse in the Barnes Foundation,” published last year by Thames & Hudson, is pretty exquisite: Three hardback volumes, totaling 894 pages, that tell the story of the works that are a bedrock of the Barnes Foundation collection in Philadelphia.

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