LACMA kimono collection goes on display Saturday through Oct. 19

LACMA kimono collection goes on display Saturday through Oct. 19
Pieces from LACMA's permanent collection that will be on display starting Saturday include "Woman's Kimono with Large Dewdrops" (circa 1935), left, and "Woman's Kimono with Mountain Landscape" (circa 1950). (LACMA)

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is set to open the kimono so to speak, putting 30 eye-catching versions of the traditional Japanese garment on display in the museum's Pavilion for Japanese Art.

The kimonos, part of LACMA's permanent collection, are being exhibited as part of the 25th anniversary celebration of the Bruce Goff-designed building and puts the garments, all from the first half of the 20th century, in context with the art and popular culture movements of the time.

Based on the images we've seen so far, the pieces set to go on display are so brightly colored and boldly patterned they give the DVF wrap dress a run for its money. Our hands-down favorite is the "Woman's Kimono with Mountain Landscape" (pictured above right), a vividly colored landscape on plain weave silk.  

"Kimono for a Modern Age" exhibition will be on view in the east gallery of the Pavilion for Japanese Art from Saturday through Oct. 19, with a companion exhibition titled "Zuan: Japanese Design Books" running Saturday through Oct. 12 on the pavilion's third floor. 

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