Geoffrey Mohan


Geoff joined the Los Angeles Times in 2001 from Newsday, where he was a Latin American correspondent in Mexico City. He was hired as a statewide roamer, but was quickly drafted into coverage of Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Soon after returning, he was sent out to the front lines of the California wildfires, and was part of the Pulitzer Prize-winning breaking news team in 2003. Looking for a break from the action, he took refuge behind the editing desks in foreign and metro, serving as the environment editor and later, the state editor. He returned to reporting two years ago in Science, where he’s been writing about Ebola, African-clawed frogs and mathematicians who can predict NCAA winners. Now he’s coming full circle, back to roaming the state in search of stories about farmers, drought and innovation in agriculture and food science.

Recent Articles

  • PETA sues California over poultry slaughter law

    PETA sues California over poultry slaughter law

    An animal-rights group is suing California, charging that the state fails to enforce humane slaughter laws in poultry plants. The PETA Foundation says the California Department of Food and Agriculture wrongly defers to federal meat inspectors to monitor slaughter practices in the state's poultry...

  • Undercover video sheds light on turkey slaughter

    Undercover video sheds light on turkey slaughter

    Turkey hatchlings and embryos at a Foster Farms plant in Fresno were tossed in plastic bags to suffocate or were ground up alive, according to a new undercover video released Monday by an animal-rights group. Compassion Over Killing, a vegan advocacy group based in Washington, said its investigator...