Contract Talks 1988

  • Scripts: the Next Big Issue in Strike

    While Writers Union Threatens, Producers Seek Screenplays

  • Deadlock: Writers' Strike Reaches the Crisis Stage

    Personalities, Psychology and a $637 Item Keep Sides Apart

  • Writers' Rejection of Pact May Further Slow Industry

    By a wide margin, members of the Writers Guild of America voted to reject a producers' contract offer and continue their 16-week-old strike against the motion picture and television industry, the union reported Thursday.

  • Writers' Talks Bog Down Over Residual Issue

    A potential settlement between Hollywood producers and the striking Writers Guild of America has snagged on a continued dispute over residual payments for foreign sales of movies and television shows, sources familiar with the closed-door negotiations said Monday.

  • Producers and Writers to Talk With Mediator

    With charges still flying from both sides, the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers agreed Thursday to sit down with a federal mediator on Monday--the first such meeting since an abortive 20-minute session on April 8.

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