Los Angeles Riots: 20 years later

The past still grips Rodney King

Now jobless, the victim of a police beating says he's at peace and has a memoir coming out.

20 years after riots, hope and despair in South L.A.

The LAPD's better relationship with the community, along with plummeting crime and less graffiti, illustrate improvements. But frustration, isolation and the lack of enough jobs still plague the area.

At Tolliver's barbershop, pondering what 20 years have wrought

Many agree that the black community and the city have not made enough progress since the riots. But changes in the LAPD may be a bright spot.

When time allows, 1992 riots are poignant lesson in L.A. schools

Los Angeles-area high school students find lessons about the 1992 riots gripping and galvanizing — when their teachers have time to turn the focus away from standardized tests.

Many say L.A. is safer 20 years after 1992 riots, poll finds

Nearly 20 years after the 1992 L.A. riots, residents say the city is safer and relations between its racial and ethnic groups are significantly better than they were in 1992, according to a new survey.

Newton: The night the LAPD failed

L.A.'s Police Department had a civic duty 'to protect and to serve'; on the night of April 29, 1992, it did neither.

Rodney King, 20 years after L.A.'s riots

On the 20th anniversary of the L.A. riots, the victim of now-fabled LAPD abuse talks about life and its lessons.