Be Joel Stein: We have a winner!

After three weeks of voting for your favorite Joel Stein wannabe (and Stein worrying about his job), we have a winner -- and it isn't Stein! Congratulations to Sam Apple, whose submission "America's next top mohel" came out on top of the Be Joel Stein contest. Read the submissions by the runners-up, Stein's Op-Ed column in today's paper and a transcript of Stein's live chat about the contest.

The self-obsessed Sesame Street Muppet is destroying all that is holy on children's TV.
By Joel Stein

Drive yourself crazy with preschool.
By Suzanne Robertson

When your toilet has had enough of your crap, what do you do?
By Jason Rohan

Her frozen assets generate no heat.
By George WatersCopyright © 2018, Los Angeles Times
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