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      [LOSANGELES TIMES MAGAZINE: FEBRUARY 5, 2006]Departments The Valley's Not So Civil War[By Mark Arax]Fear of terrorism found fertileground in the Central Valley. From it grew intolerance and hate between Right and Left, pro-war and anti-war. They should be listening to a grieving parent, who found some peace.800 Words
Fault Lines
From First and Spring
Photo Synthesis
Rearview Mirror
The Rules of Hollywood
The Rant
So Sue Me
Two-Word Tale
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Contributors FeaturesStyleThe Lingering Reek of Smell-O-Vision[By Martin J. Smith, Patrick J. Kiger]The tortured effort to bring smell to the silver screen proved that some things are best left to the imagination. Oscar season seems a good time to celebrate one of the worst movie ideas ever.Dance Classes[By Anne Lammott]What is lifeon earth if not an invitation to twirl?Arguably[By Daniel Handler]Money money money money money money money money. Let no one say it has no place in a love story.Blast It Trash It Smash It Rip It Kick It Couture[By Sorina Diaconescu]Corey Parks wants to be known as an outlaw seamstress, but she'stoo much in vogue.Mad Hot Music[By Jessica Gelt]Sometimes the best scenes are in obscure clubs with bands you'venever heard of. Jessica Gelt drives far and wide, listening to performers who are playing just as hard as any Grammy nominee.Sly and Me[By Lynell George]Some revolutions begin underground. Some start in the street. And some revolutions happen at 33 1/3.

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