Mary McNamara


Mary McNamara was named assistant managing editor for arts and entertainment in 2016. McNamara was previously the television critic and senior culture editor. A Pulitzer Prize winner in 2015 and finalist for criticism in 2013 and 2014, she has won various awards for criticism and feature writing. She is the author of the Hollywood mysteries “Oscar Season” and “The Starlet.” She lives in La Crescenta with her husband, three children, two dogs and a hamster.

Recent Articles

  • Is Trump the new 'Colbert'?

    Is Trump the new 'Colbert'?

    When “The Colbert Report” ended so its star could move to “The Late Show,” many wondered what could ever replace it. Now we have our answer: the presidency. In one of the most meta media moves in history, Donald Trump has become the new “Stephen Colbert.” He even has a “Trump bump.” Back when the...

  • HBO's multilayered update of 'Westworld' is TV's next big game-changer

    HBO's multilayered update of 'Westworld' is TV's next big game-changer

    HBO swings big. That has been its brand since the days of “It’s not television, it’s HBO.” Television eventually caught up, which meant HBO had to swing bigger; it is not built for, or on, a slate of solid but not spectacular shows. It is a premium cable channel, which means it needs to bring the...