Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Paris

As a child prodigy, Mozart first visited Paris in 1763 and 1764 before going to England, stopped in the city again in 1766 on his way home and then returned in 1778. So I sought him out here, even though he wasn't altogether enraptured by the City of Light. By the time of his second visit at age 22, with only his mother, Anna Maria, as chaperon, the composer had developed a distaste for the need to bow and scrape to musically ignorant members of the French aristocracy on whom his career depended. Paris, he wrote to a friend, "is totally opposed to my genius, inclinations, knowledge and sympathies.... God grant only that I may not impair my talents by staying here." -- Susan Spano Read more: Paris loved the boy Mozart, but the feeling wasn't mutual Upper photo: The Palace at Versaille Lower photo credit: Associated Press
Jim Buchta / Minneapolis Star Tribune / MCT
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