The strongest storm to hit Southern California in several years has brought torrential rain, flash flooding and powerful winds to the area.

  • The storm broke rain records at several locations.
  • An estimated 50,000 Los Angeles residents are without power after winds took down trees and utility lines.
  • Amtrak suspended service between San Luis Obispo and Los Angeles because of mudslides in the Santa Barbara area.

Weather expert: 10 trillion gallons of rain to fall on California in a week's time

It's difficult to calculate the amount of rainfall the entire state of California will have received by next week. But one weather expert has offered an estimate: 10 trillion gallons.

Ryan Maue, a Georgia-based meteorologist for WeatherBell Analytics, used forecast data from the National Weather Service to predict that an average of 3.3 inches of rain will fall across the state from Feb. 15 to Feb. 22.

"That's a very large number compared to previous winters and especially compared to the previous year," Maue said.

Maue cautioned that the numbers include the entire area of the state and that some areas obviously will see more precipitation as storms move in.

"The rainy season has been crazy in California, with multiple atmospheric river events directing moist onshore flow and precipitation along the mainly central and northern coasts while SoCal has been left out," he said in an email. "Clearly that's going to change."

Ten trillion gallons of water is enough to fill 15.1 million Olympic-sized swimming pools or power Niagara Falls for 154 days.

Maue also estimated that 10 trillion gallons fell on the state in December 2014 .

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