Officials continue to release results from the March 7 L.A. County election. With most of the votes counted, results show:

After dipping below 50%, Cedillo rebounds, appears to narrowly avoid runoff

Los Angeles City Councilman Gil Cedillo, the most vulnerable incumbent on the ballot Tuesday, appeared to have narrowly avoided a runoff by winning 51% of the vote.

“We took advantage of our advantages — experience matters — and we had faith,” Cedillo said after midnight Wednesday at his election night party at the Ebell Club in Highland Park.

All night long, as more votes were counted, Cedillo had been losing share, and most attendees had left the party believing that Cedillo was headed to a May runoff against his top challenger, bike activist Joe Bray-Ali.

The food was all eaten, the bar had run dry, the music shut down, Cedillo was huddled with staffers behind closed doors, and the last stragglers were headed for the exit when someone cried out: “51%! 51%!”

The county registrar-recorder’s website had just updated that Cedillo had won 50.98% of the vote, with 100% of the vote counted.

The supporters stormed the private room, circled Cedillo, started chanting “Si, se puede! Si, se puede!” and stomped on the wooden floors. Minutes later, he entered the main room to deliver an off-the-cuff victory speech.

“The people of this district and this city stood up for themselves, they manifested their own future, they made a statement to the city they weren’t going to buy some flippant, trendy, hippy, hipster … agenda,” Cedillo said, in an obvious dig at Bray-Ali. “But they were going to be traditional, they were going to acknowledge their realities, they were going to respect their circumstances and they were going to vote for themselves.”

Some late absentees and provisional ballots still need to be counted.

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