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Protesters show up outside Garcetti's election-night party, demanding he 'stand up to Trump'

Dozens of protesters gathered outside Mayor Eric Garcetti's election-night party on Tuesday night to push him to take a firmer stance on defending immigrants from deportation.

"Our friends and neighbors are under attack! What do we do?" a man in a bullhorn shouted as partygoers in suits and dresses filed into the gates of the Laborer's International Union of North America Local 300 headquarters.

"Stand up fight back!" the crowd shouted back, later chanting, "Our city, not Garcetti!"

The protest was organized by the Los Angeles chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America, a leftist group that has seen its membership surge across the nation following President Trump's election. Many of its members were supporters of U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders' insurgent Democratic candidacy for president, and now they have turned some of their energies to local issues.

On Tuesday's ballot in Los Angeles, the group supported Measure H and opposed Measure S, and they want Garcetti to take a tougher stance against Trump's agenda on immigration and to formally bar police from assisting ICE in deportations.

Protesters were especially dissatisfied with Garcetti's remarks in an NPR interview when he said Los Angeles was not a "sanctuary city" and that he didn't know what a sanctuary city is.

"I don't want my neighbors to have to live in fear," said Democratic Socialists member Anne Orchier, 30, who joined the group after Trump's victory.

The protesters urged Garcetti to "stand up to Trump."

"Sanctuary is our demand, Mayor Garcetti take a stand," they chanted.

At one point, a guest walking into Garcetti's party shouted back at the protesters, telling the group that the mayor was indeed standing up to President Trump.

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