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Last week, Out There profiled Don Chew, an Orange County businessman who has propped up the sport of badminton, at least in the United States. Chew hopes the U.S. places athletes in all five badminton events in the 2008 Summer Olympics. Readers responded at

"Good luck to all participants. I sincerely wish their hard work brings triumph. Proud of you that someone is keeping the 'bird' alive!"

-- Nira Walia

"The world didn't give that much respect to the US National Soccer . . . er. . . . Football team at one point. The same goes for the badminton team. . . . It's time to give them the support they need. After all, this IS a home grown team for Southern Californians. We all should be very proud."

-- OakMonster

"I applaud any increase in badminton training. . . . Badminton is a non-combat sport and teaches planning, awareness and lots of physical activity. It is amazing how much awareness it requires to figure out where the shuttlecock will actually come over the net and then put it back where your opponent doesn't expect it."

-- Badminton Supporter

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