'Beachcomber Bandit' joins colorful list of robbers sought by FBI

Beachcomber Bandit joins colorful list of bank robbers sought by FBI

A bank robber who has targeted coastal cities and wears a gray sweat shirt with the hood pulled up over a black baseball cap is being sought by the FBI.

Dubbed the Beachcomber Bandit for his apparent fondness for coastal city establishments, the robber held up a bank in Long Beach in May and struck again the following month in Grover Beach in in San Luis Obispo County.

The Beachcomber Bandit joins a colorful list of creatively named bank robbers identified by the FBI in recent days.

To the north, FBI agents are seeking the so-called Bad Breath Bandit, who has worn a surgical mask -- and once, a San Francisco Giants ball cap -- during robberies in Northern California.

And to the south in Orange County, agents are watching for the "Keep Smiling Bandit," who has advised tellers to "keep smiling" while they empty the till.

Despite his admonishment, authorities said he seemed cheerless and menacing during the robberies.

The Beachcomber Bandit was armed with a black handgun, possibly with a light attached to it, during the robberies in the beach cities.

He was wearing a black leather jacket, gray sweat shirt and black ball cap, and had a graying goatee and possibly a mustache. Authorities were told that he appeared to be 35 to 45 years old.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the FBI.

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