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L.A. Now Live: Steve Lopez talks sidewalks, fields your questions

Join Times columnist Steve Lopez for an L.A. Now Live chat Monday at 12:30 p.m. about the state of sidewalks and streets in Los Angeles. He will also be taking reader questions on a variety of issues.

Lopez has written recently about the sorry state of many of the sidewalks in the city and the several millions of dollars paid out annually to those who have filed claims against L.A. after tripping and injuring themselves.

It's what Lopez calls a pedestrian vs. pavement problem. And the pavement usually wins.

Meanwhile, city officials say that after decades of neglecting trees and cracked pavement, it's difficult to find the estimated $1.5 billion needed for a solid fix.

While there is much aggravation over the sidewalk issue, there is not much consensus about what to do.

Some residents say they would vote for a bond measure to fix potholes and cracked sidewalks; others say no dice.

Lopez has called on Mayor Eric Garcetti to address the problem. 

For another perspective on the state of L.A. streets and commuting, Lopez last week pedaled to work. Why? 

"Because we now have more bike lanes and cyclists than ever, and I wanted to see whether that makes pedaling a little more inviting," Lopez wrote.

Join Lopez online Monday at 12:30 p.m. for L.A. Now Live and you can find out about his bike commute and travels around L.A. walking on bumpy, cracked sidewalks.

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