Ailing rare rhino at San Diego Zoo Safari Park appears to be improving

Nola the ailing rhino at San Diego Zoo Safari Park improving but more tests underway

Encouraging news from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park: Nola, the ailing northern white rhino, appears to be improving.

The 40-year-old female is one of only five northern white rhinos left in the world after decades of poaching in their native Africa. The park's other northern white rhino, Angalifu, died Dec. 14. He was 44.

Nola was placed on round-the-clock care over the weekend after keepers noticed that her appetite and activity level were down and that she had a thick nasal  discharge. One possibility is that Nola has a sinus infection.

She was given an an injection of antibiotics, and initial blood work did not reveal any problem, zoo officials said. Considered geriatric, Nola has been treated for arthritis.

In the last couple of days, Nola reportedly has been eating and moving around more. (She prefers to stay inside a heated enclosure at the Asian Plains exhibit.)

Nola came outside briefly Wednesday morning, but returned quickly to a bed of warm hay.


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