Solo exploration

Follow Dan Tom and you can see that he has a keen approach to how he sees, not only through his composition for photography, but how he experiences the world around him.

As a Web designer based in San Francisco, Tom is innately a creative soul; however, photography is his preferred artistic outlet and has become a condition of his life.

The discovery and stirring for the love of this medium was rooted on his first overseas trip, eight years ago to Kazakhstan. He was working with kids in an orphanage where he says, "being somewhere new and completely different opened my eyes. The kids, orphanage, relationships, memories were something I didn't want to forget." He believes that there is "no better way to tell a story than with a picture."

His photographic work is intertwined and influenced by what he feels and experiences in the moment and appears almost dreamy and transcending. There is a permanence to his work that is classic and timeless, reflective as well as giving, pure and elegant.

This iPhone 5S photo of the Point Reyes Lighthouse was made during a recent solo exploration of the area.

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