Welcome home

Welcome home
Francis Antonio at the Channel Island Air National Guard Air Force base on July 9, 2014. (Barby Tolentino)

For the third time, Barby Tolentino traveled to the Channel Islands Air National Guard Station to spend the day welcoming home his younger brother from deployment. 

This time, Francis Antonio had been gone for four months. "It's always exciting to see him step off the plane and look at his facial expression and then finally get that eye contact," Tolentino said.

Antonio was showing Tolentino and some other family members around the base when Tolentino noticed a perfect moment to take a photo with his iPhone 5. "The photo has interesting formal elements and it gives a sense of scale, which is the reason why I took this image from a distance," Tolentino said.

"I feel proud of [my brother's] accomplishments ... and glad he's safe at home," Tolentino said. 

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