California lawmaker wants to pare six-figure pay for state boards

California senator would pare six-figure salaries for those who sit on state boards

California Senate leader Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles) announced Thursday the appointment of former Democratic Sen. Ellen Corbett to a $128,109 post on the state Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board, but one lawmaker is trying to put an end to such soft landing pads for political insiders.

Legislation introduced by Sen. Jeff Stone (R-Murrieta) would set a $12,000 annual salary for 12 state panels, some of which now pay six-figures and a few that have traditionally been filled by former legislators and other insiders.

“We’ve got to put an end to these high paying commissions that serve no other purpose than to provide a living for termed-out legislators who can't find a job in the private sector," Stone said Thursday.

Corbett, who left office last year, was appointed by the Senate Rules Committee to the state commission, which already includes two other former state lawmakers. The board meets once a month, but members separately process appeals throughout the week.

In addition to Corbett's board, other panels targeted by Stone's legislation, with members' annual pay, include:

--Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board, $131,952.

--Board of Parole Hearings, $117,504.

--Agricultural Labor Relations Board, $128,109.

--Public Employment Relations Board, $134,591.

--Alcoholic Beverage Control Appeals Board, $25,500.

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