The Troubles at King/Drew

The following were submitted for Pulitzer Prize consideration in the Public Service category.

  • Massive overhaul of ailing hospital urged

    County board must give up its control of King/Drew, experts say. Some also suggest rooting out incompetent workers, linking with a different medical school, even closing for a time to regroup.

  • For Days, Potent Drug Given to Wrong King/Drew Patient

    In the latest blunder at the troubled hospital, nurses give anti-cancer medication to a man with meningitis. Error renews calls for accountability.

  • For Days, Potent Drug Given to Wrong King/Drew Patient

    The surgical error is the latest in a series of patient-care mistakes that have drawn scrutiny to the county-owned hospital.

  • Fulfilling the Wrong Dream

    The hospital named for Martin Luther King Jr. was supposed to be a realization of the civil rights hero's dream. From the nightmare of the Watts riots would spring one of the best hospitals in America to serve the poorest neighborhoods of Los Angeles County. Yet as The Times' series published last...

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