Five police officers were fatally shot and seven others wounded Thursday when snipers opened fire in downtown Dallas during a protest over recent police shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana, police said.

Here is what we know so far:

  • Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said "there appears to have been one gunman" in the shooting.
  • Investigators discovered bomb-making materials, rifles and a “personal journal of combat tactics” in the shooter's home.
  • Police cornered one suspect and tried to negotiate with him for several hours but “negotiations broke down” and turned into “an exchange of gunfire with the suspect.”
  • A "bomb robot" was used to kill the gunman, identified as Micah X. Johnson, 25, a resident of the Dallas area.
  • Other suspects are in custody, but officials declined to say how many.
  • In addition to police officers, two civilians -- a man and a woman -- were shot and injured

    Former congressman tweets after Dallas shooting: 'Watch out Obama'

    Former Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh declared "This is now war" and called for President Obama to "watch out" in a Twitter post reacting to a Dallas shooting incident that left five police officers dead and seven injured.

    "This is now war. Watch out Obama. Watch out black lives matter punks. Real America is coming after you," he wrote in the post, which has since been deleted. 

    In subsequent tweets that remained posted as of early Friday, he called the shooters "uneducated black thugs" and blamed  Obama and the Black Lives Matter movement for the officers' deaths.

    "I wasn't calling for violence, against Obama or anyone. Obama's words and BLM's deeds have gotten cops killed," he tweeted.

    The Dallas officers were attacked by snipers who opened fire on an anti-police-brutality protest on Thursday, police there said.

    An unrepentant Walsh stood by his tweets Friday morning, saying in a Chicago Tribune interview: "Of course I didn't mean 'let's go kill Obama and Black Lives Matter.' I was not trying to incite violence against Obama and Black Lives Matter. That's crazy and stupid and wrong."

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