Boulder, Colo., judge again refuses to stop same-sex marriage licenses

Colorado judge denies state's appeal to stop Boulder County from issuing same-sex marriage licenses

A district court judge in Boulder, Colo., turned down the state’s bid to halt same-sex marriages in the county, allowing the county clerk there to continue marrying same-sex couples, according to the state's ruling.

Boulder County District Court Judge Andrew Hartman said the appeal, which sought to overturn one of his earlier rulings, “offered no actual support in favor of reconsideration.” He noted that, since the ruling earlier this month, same-sex marriage bans have been found unconstitutional in other cases.

Boulder County has continued to issue same-sex marriage licenses even though the Colorado Supreme Court ordered Denver County to stop issuing the licenses, and Pueblo County voluntarily stopping last week.

“We are very pleased with the ruling and will continue issuing licenses,” said Boulder County Clerk Hillary Hall said in a statement.

Two same-sex marriage licenses have been requested in the county Wednesday, a representative confirmed. A total of 179 same-sex marriage licenses have been issued by the county.

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