Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump return to the campaign trail after an acrimonious second debate.

  • "Do what's best for you," House Speaker Paul D. Ryan tells GOP House members.
  • Mike Pence says it is "absolutely false" that he pondered quitting the ticket.
  • Thwarted: Trump campaign plan to make a scene.
  • Here's how our judges scored the debate.

Hillary Clinton is looking for Republican voters with new TV ads

 (David Goldman / Associated Press)
(David Goldman / Associated Press)

Hillary Clinton has made no secret of her desire to win over some Republican voters disillusioned with Donald Trump. 

Now her campaign is releasing a series of videos that highlight Republicans who plan to vote for Clinton. 

Here's one of them, featuring a woman who once worked with the party to elect former President Reagan. 

The four videos are being run nationally on cable news channels and locally in battleground states.

They come on the heels of a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll that showed Clinton has more support among Democrats than Trump does among Republicans. While 85% of Democrats surveyed said they would back Clinton, only 72% said the same about Trump. 

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