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Alaska, Hawaii and Washington state are holding Democratic caucuses on Saturday. Stay here on Trail Guide for results.

  • Bernie Sanders wins caucuses in Washington state and Alaska over Hillary Clinton
  • Ted Cruz calls tabloid story "garbage" and says it was planted by allies of "sleazy" Donald Trump
  • In a tweet, Trump insists he respects women, but do women voters believe him?
  • Clinton complains about lax campaign finance laws on Jimmy Kimmel's show after fundraisers in Santa Monica and Hollywood
  • How many delegates do the candidates have?

Results from Saturday's Democratic caucuses

 (Los Angeles Times)
(Los Angeles Times)

As results from Washington state, Alaska and Hawaii begin to come in, check here for county-by-county updates. 

Sanders wins in Hawaii

Bernie Sanders has won the Democratic presidential caucuses in Hawaii, according to the Associated Press. It's his third win over front-runner Hillary Clinton in the three states that held party caucuses on Saturday. 

This is shaping up to be a tremendous day for our campaign. And with a big showdown in Wisconsin on the horizon, it’s important that we keep the momentum going.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders speaking to supporters in Madison, Wis., on Saturday. Sanders recorded wins in Washington state and Alaska. Results from Hawaii are expected later in the evening.

Bernie Sanders wins Washington's Democratic caucuses, nabbing a big win over Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders won Washington’s Democratic caucuses Saturday, according to new projections. The state has the most delegates up for grabs in the day’s nominating contests, with 101.

Sanders, the Vermont senator, campaigned heavily across the state in recent days in a bid to sell voters on his populist message.

Video: Sanders addresses supporters in Madison, Wis.

Bernie Sanders wins Alaska's Democratic caucuses

 (Elaine Thompson/AP)
(Elaine Thompson/AP)

Bernie Sanders won Alaska’s caucuses, according to new projections, one of three Democratic nominating contests Saturday.

The Vermont senator, whose populist message has widely appealed to progressives, still trails front-runner Hillary Clinton in total delegates needed to secure the Democratic nomination for president.

Progressives in Seattle see Bernie Sanders as a strong standard bearer

 (Matt Mills McKnight / Getty Images)
(Matt Mills McKnight / Getty Images)

Seattle has been having the type of conversations that set the stage for Bernie.

Robert Cruickshank, a senior campaign manager for Democracy for America, a liberal group that endorsed Bernie Sanders.

Scenes from Alaska, where Democratic caucuses are underway

I’m ‘America First.’ We have been disrespected, mocked and ripped off for many many years by people that were smarter, shrewder, tougher. We were the big bully, but we were not smartly led. 

Donald Trump in an interview with the New York Times in which he discussed some of his views on foreign policy.

Snapshots from caucuses in Washington state

Donald Trump insists he respects women

Donald Trump has been relentlessly assailed for his comments about women, and in recent days, the issue has again come to the fore. 

On Saturday, Trump sent out a tweet insisting that "nobody has more respect for women" than he does. 

Earlier this week, Trump threatened to "spill the beans" about Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's wife after a pro-Cruz super PAC used a nude magazine photo of Trump's wife, Melania, a former model, in an ad targeting Mormon voters. 

Trump then retweeted a comparison of an unflattering image of Heidi Cruz and a glamorous photo of his own wife, Melania. 

Since Trump entered the presidential race, the front-runner has repeatedly battled with Fox News journalist Megyn Kelly, even suggesting that she was menstruating when she questioned him at a debate in August. Moreover, his comments about the looks of his one-time challenger, Carly Fiorina, drew scorn. 

Will it matter when it comes to female voters? Yes, according to this report on how women view Trump. 

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to compete in a handful of states Saturday

 (Elaine Thompson / Assoicated Press)
(Elaine Thompson / Assoicated Press)

The race for the Democratic presidential nomination continues on Saturday with a handful of states set to hold contests. 

Alaska, Hawaii and Washington state will hold caucuses, with Washington offering up 101 delegates, the most of the day's contents. 

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic front-runner, will look to increase her delegate lead over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Currently, she outpaces Sanders by about 300 pledged delegates in the race to secure the party's nomination. 

In recent days, both Sanders and Clinton have campaigned in Washington, seeking support from some of the country's most liberal voters. 

We'll have live updates of Saturday's contests here on Trail Guide, so be sure to stay with us. 

Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders in delegates, but by how much?

 (Morry Gash / Associated Press)
(Morry Gash / Associated Press)

Hillary Clinton outpaces Bernie Sanders in delegate totals as several Western states hold caucuses on Saturday. So how many delegates does it take to nab the Democratic presidential nomination? 

Check out this Los Angeles Times graphic. 

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