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Donald Trump -- finally -- set to spend on television ads in the general election

Donald Trump has released his first television ad of the general election, assailing Hillary Clinton's leadership. 

The ad from Trump, released Friday on social media, comes as Clinton's campaign and her allies have already spent a deluge of cash on advertising in several battleground states. 

Jason Miller, a strategist for Trump, told Bloomberg Politics that the campaign is putting money behind the general-election ad but hasn’t released details about the ad buy.

In the 30-second spot, a narrator jabs Clinton's leadership for, among other things, allowing terrorism to spread around the world. 

So far, since the general election began in earnest last month, Trump and his allies have spent little on advertising, instead relying on big rallies to help pass along his message to voters. 

Earlier this month a report from NBC News and SMG Delta, a firm that tracks ad spending, found that Trump and his supporters are being outspent by a 15-to-1 margin in television and radio ad spending by Clinton. 

Still despite being outspent nationally, several swing state polls show a tight race between Trump and Clinton, with about 100 days until election day. 

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