Clinton told supporters in Iowa that "words matter" regarding Trump's 2nd Amendment remarks

Clinton campaign launches group for conservatives who don't support Trump

 (John Locher / Associated Press)
(John Locher / Associated Press)

Hillary Clinton’s campaign on Wednesday¬†launched a group dedicated to drawing support from independents and Republicans defecting from their conservative party and from Donald Trump’s campaign.

The campaign announced the formation of Together for America as a wave of new Republicans endorsed the Democratic candidate this week, including former National Intelligence Director John Negroponte, former Rep. Connie Morella (R-Md.), former Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, former Rep. Chris Shays (R-Conn.), and former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Carla Hills. Clinton’s campaign said these new endorsements bring in about 50 Republican supporters so far.

“Hillary Clinton understands the complex and volatile world we live in, and she has the temperament to be president and commander-in-chief,” the group’s website states. “Donald Trump does not. That’s why so many Republicans and independents are putting country over party and supporting Hillary for president.”

This is the latest move for Clinton’s campaign to capitalize on the voters who refuse to endorse Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

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