While Hillary Clinton recuperates from pneumonia, President Obama campaigns for her in Philadelphia. Donald Trump continues his trip through battleground states, unveiling a new child-care plan in Pennsylvania.

  • Hillary Clinton's new ad shows Donald Trump insulting people, a day after Trump's ad showed Clinton insulting people
  • A Univision poll of Latino voters shows Clinton outpacing Trump in several battleground states
  • The Clintons have always battled the public over their health records
  • Trump tries to win over suburbanites and female voters with new child-care agenda
  • Do presidential candidates need tell the public about their health? How much?

Clinton to resume campaigning Thursday after bout with pneumonia

 (Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)
(Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

Hillary Clinton will resume campaign travel Thursday following a break to recover from pneumonia, according to a campaign spokesman.

The Democratic presidential nominee remained at home on Tuesday, said spokesman Nick Merrill.

“She has spent the day catching up on reading briefings, making calls, and she watched President Obama's speech in Philadelphia on TV,” Merrill said in a statement.

Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday but did not reveal the health development until hours after she struggled to stand and was forced to abruptly leave a Sept. 11 memorial ceremony Sunday.

She had planned to campaign and raise money in California and Nevada on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. She canceled those plans and dispatched husband Bill Clinton to some of the events.

On Thursday, Clinton is scheduled to speak at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute gala in Washington.

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