Hillary Clinton released her 2015 tax returns as Donald Trump continues to withhold his own.

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Clintons made $10.6 million last year, tax return shows, as Donald Trump is pressed to release his own

 (Saul Loeb / AFP/Getty Images)
(Saul Loeb / AFP/Getty Images)

Pursuing a return to public service came at a cost to Hillary and Bill Clinton, as their considerable joint income dropped by nearly two-thirds last year when the former secretary of State began her run for president.

The Clintons released their most recent tax filing Friday, as well as 10 years of tax documents from running mate Tim Kaine and his wife, part of a renewed call for Republican nominee Donald Trump to do the same.

For more than a year, both Republicans and Democrats have pushed the billionaire real estate magnate to back up his boasts about business acumen and charitable giving by publicly disclosing federal and state tax filings, a customary gesture of transparency for presidential aspirants and one his rivals were confident could offer political ammunition.

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