Donald Trump heads to Toledo, Ohio. Hillary Clinton rallies in Orlando, Fla.

  • Trump faces his first questions over controversies involving his foundation and "birther" comments.
  • Despite concerns that stop-and-frisk policies are racially discriminatory, Trump wants to see the tactic expanded.
  • Clinton had nearly $20 million more cash on hand than Trump at the end of August.
  • Trump says black communities are in the worse shape "ever, ever, ever."
  • Trump's campaign tries to use gender to undercut Clinton's candidacy.
  • The two candidates' responses to the weekend's bombings show voters a stark difference in approaches to national security.

Donald Trump, sticking to script, promises change

 (Evan Vucci / AP)
(Evan Vucci / AP)

An increasingly teleprompter-dependent Donald Trump appears to have settled on a clear campaign message: change.

“Her campaign message is things must never change,” the Republican nominee said at a rally in Toledo, Ohio, as Hillary Clinton was speaking in Florida. “My campaign message is things have to change. And they have to change right now.”

Without specific policies to tout, Trump presented himself as the vehicle for expressing frustration with a corrupt political establishment.

“The arrogance of Washington, D.C., will soon come face to face with the righteous verdict of the American voter and worker,” he said.

Breaking from script at one point, he called out to ask whether any miners were in the audience. Apparently few responded — the region he was in was more a manufacturing hub than energy producer. Some farmers apparently did make their presence known.

Still, Trump vowed a major effort to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure by putting¬†steel back in the nation’s spine.

“American hands will rebuild our nation. Not the hands of people from other nations,” he said.

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