Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will appear back-to-back at a town hall on military issues in New York..

A 2009 email exchange between Colin Powell and Hillary Clinton is released

A newly released email exchange between former Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and Colin Powell shed light on how much advice he gave her about how to balance the desire for timely communication with security concerns. 

The exchange is from Jan. 23, 2009, as Clinton took office. As Clinton has come under fire during her presidential campaign for using a personal server to conduct government business, Powell has said that he hadn't discussed the matter until a year after Clinton's tenure began.

The newly public email shows Clinton asked him for advice, saying she'd heard he used a BlackBerry "but no one 'fesses up to knowing how you used it!" 

Powell corrected her, saying he didn't use a BlackBerry but described his own workaround for using email outside State Department servers. 

Last month, Powell accused Clinton's campaign team of trying to "pin" her use of a private server on him. 

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