President Obama says Donald Trump has no evidence to back up his complaints about the election.

Mike Pence calls firebombing in North Carolina 'political terrorism'

 (John D. Simmons / Associated Press)
(John D. Simmons / Associated Press)

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence on Tuesday called the recent firebombing of a North Carolina Republican Party office an act of "political terrorism," urging supporters to be vigilant from now until election day. 

Pence visited the charred office space in Hillsborough, N.C., located in the suburbs of Durham, and spoke with local elected officials while campaigning in the battleground state. 

"I'm here to call attention to an act of political terrorism," Pence said. "Everyone ... universally condemned this attack on our system" of government. 

In the hours after Sunday’s firebombing, Trump blamed the attack on “animals” supporting Democrats and Hillary Clinton. Authorities, however, have not made any arrests and have said it's an ongoing investigation.

From New Hampshire to Wisconsin, Trump has insisted in recent days – without evidence – that the election is rigged against him.

With about 13,000 jurisdictions governing polling places in the U.S., rigging an election would be extremely difficult. Instances of proven voter fraud are rare and usually occur on a scale too small to change the results.

Still, both Trump and Pence have called for supporters to serve as election observers to ensure voter fraud is not committed. It’s a message to supporters that Pence repeated on Tuesday.

“We’re encouraging all of our supporters, given the enormous importance of this election, given the dramatic choice the American people face in this election, to be involved,” said Pence, noting he hoped they would do so in a “respectful” manner.

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