Donald Trump swings through the battleground state of Ohio. Hillary Clinton campaigns in North Carolina with Michelle Obama.

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Trump dabbles in Hindi for a new campaign ad

Donald Trump channels Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a new ad appealing to Hindu Americans — he even throws in a little Hindi.

Ab ki baar, Trump sarkar,” Trump says in the ad, which translates to, "this time, a Trump government."

Modi used the same slogan in his own political campaign in 2013 — “Ab ki baar, Modi sarkar.”

The Trump campaign timed the ad to air before the celebration of the Hindu festival Diwali this weekend. The video plays cuts of Trump lighting a candle and speaking at a GOP Hindu Coalition charity event this month in New Jersey. It’s played against a background of traditional Indian music.

“The Indian and Hindu community will have a true friend in the White House,” he said in the clip from the event. He adds that the U.S. will defeat radical Islamic terrorism in a Trump presidency.  

Trump’s chairman of his Indian American advisory committee, Shalabh Kumar, told BuzzFeed News that the ad is airing 20 times a day on Indian American channels.

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