Donald Trump heads to Toledo, Ohio. Hillary Clinton rallies in Orlando, Fla.

  • Trump faces his first questions over controversies involving his foundation and "birther" comments.
  • Despite concerns that stop-and-frisk policies are racially discriminatory, Trump wants to see the tactic expanded.
  • Clinton had nearly $20 million more cash on hand than Trump at the end of August.
  • Trump says black communities are in the worse shape "ever, ever, ever."
  • Trump's campaign tries to use gender to undercut Clinton's candidacy.
  • The two candidates' responses to the weekend's bombings show voters a stark difference in approaches to national security.

'Unbearable' police shootings should become 'intolerable,' Hillary Clinton says

 (Los Angeles Times)
(Los Angeles Times)

Hillary Clinton addressed “two very upsetting" deadly shootings of black men by police in Tulsa, Okla., and Charlotte, N.C.

“We have two more names to add to a  list of African Americans killed by police officers in these encounters,” she said Wednesday at the start of a speech in Orlando, Fla. “It’s unbearable. And it needs to become intolerable.”

Clinton also expressed concern about wounds suffered by officers in Charlotte during protests of the shooting.

“We are safer when communities respect the police and police respect the communities,” she said.

Terence Crutcher, who was killed in Tulsa, was unarmed. Police said Keith Lamont Scott, who was killed in Charlotte, had a gun, an allegation his family disputes. 

Trump addressed the Tulsa shooting earlier Wednesday while stumping in Ohio, saying he was "very troubled" by the case.

Referring to the officer who opened fire, Trump said, “Now did she get scared? Was she choking? What happened?” 

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