Hillary Clinton cancels her trip to California after a diagnosis of pneumonia. Donald Trump appears in Baltimore before heading to North Carolina.

  • Donald Trump said he would release results from a recent physical, with Fox News reporting later that he'll do it on "Dr. Oz"
  • Hillary Clinton's campaign says she will release more records too
  • Clinton cancels California trip but will teleconference in to one fundraiser
  • In California, Clinton holds a wide lead
  • Meet the woman whose job it is to sell Trump to Latinos. Her own life has been spent helping immigrants, including those who came illegally

White House brushes off Hillary Clinton health concerns, recalls her long hours while at State Department

President Obama has no concerns about Hillary Clinton's health despite a bout with pneumonia, the White House said Monday.

The health episode "does not impact his assessment that she is the best person in the country to succeed him in the Oval Office," White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters.

Earnest noted that while Clinton served as secretary of State during Obama's first term, she maintained a rigorous travel schedule.

"She pulled long hours. She bore a significant burden, both mentally and physically. And she didn’t just succeed in that role, she thrived," he said.

Earnest said he was not aware of any conversations between the two top Democrats in recent days. Obama is set to stump for his party's presidential nominee Tuesday in Philadelphia, his first public campaign appearance since the Democratic convention there in July.

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