Donald Trump spends a second day campaigning in Florida on Tuesday. Hillary Clinton also campaigns in Florida.

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Here's why Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are in Florida on the same day

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both campaigning in Florida on Tuesday and there's a good reason. Not only is it the top battleground prize, but Florida is also a major early voting state.

By election day, more than half of the state's voters will have already cast a ballot, either by mail or at the voting booth. In-person early voting opened this week, and political analysts have already begun parsing the numbers.

Florida journalists reported Tuesday that 1.6 million ballots had been cast. Republicans have a narrow lead in mail-in ballots -- 42% to 40%, according to the Miami Herald. That's most of the early voting so far, about 1.3 million ballots.

That lead is likely to vanish among early voters, however. The GOP has long had a better absentee operation, while Democrats do better in person before election day. 

A couple of other numbers also point toward Democrats making up the difference, according to Gary Fineout, an Associated Press reporter who knows the state's politics as well as anyone. He points to ballots from voters registered as "no party affiliation," where Clinton outpolls Trump:

Fineout also points out that Palm Beach County, large and heavily Democratic, has yet to report its numbers.

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